childrens playhouse

Thanks to Ron and Mae Whiteside their great grand daughter has a neatly decorated playhouse. This is a sweet-tree if I ever saw one!

“Thank you  Ronald and Mae Whiteside for sharing the photos of your great grand daughters playhouse. The photos were amazing and are getting a lot of attention on our Facebook page. See for yourself. Click here

We can’t thank you enough! You are amazing. The love that went into decorating the interior and exterior of this lucky young ladies playhouse must have been immense. No other photos have received more attention than these. Ina little over 2 hours the photos, once posted went viral, yes viral.

Our facebook page exploded and we couldn’t be more appreciative. With 16 thousand hits and climbing,  the emails and questions on facebook are piling up this morning. The comments from other grand parents are obvious…with the main comment being, “This play house rocks!”

A child’s playhouse is an outdoor retreat like none other.  Doesn’t every parent or grand parent only dream that their child would love the great outdoors?  Of course they do, but its not always so easy getting these little munchkins to understand the benefits of outdoor play.

Thanks to the effort you put in to email us your sweetly decorated playhouse, others can “see the possibilities”.  We particularly love and appreciate the scripture decal on your grand daughters play house, “As for me and my house we will serve the Lord” Joshua 24: 15


When I phoned the Whitesides this morning, Ron described how little Cadence herself went shopping inside their home,  for Christmas tree ornaments off their main house Christmas tree.  Packing her little box with ornaments of all types, Cadence was video’d decorating her own special tree. She decorated her own tree with little help or assistance.

When speaking to Ron this morning,  he shared with his lovely wife Mae, the grand fact these  photos went viral and received upwards of 16 thousand hits on facebook, I could hear her scream in the background, “You’re kidding!”  I hung up feeling a semi-sort of loss. I wanted to chat with this happy couple all day long.

Have a sincerely heartfelt holiday Mr. and Mrs. Whiteside, from our house to yours have a very Merry Christmas. Oh by the way. Tell Cadence she sure does know how to decorate a fine-looking tree.

More photos here: (Coming Soon, the Whitesides are sending video of little Cadence decorating her tree!)


“Look at the love that went into this playhouse!”










Neatly decorated, outside too!








"And this little girls dream comes alive"

“And this little girls dream comes alive”