Today we are going to talk about tiny house decor and how to make your tiny home unique.

For over two generations, we have been building high quality, fully customizable portable buildings that are perfect as tiny houses.

We will show you how to make your tiny home your own with great tiny house decor ideas to help your home look amazing and make the most of the small space. Let’s get started.


Tiny House Decor


Incorporate Spaces With More Than One Function


daybed with storage

Use spaces for more than one purpose – Image Source: Carina Romano


Wherever you can, make spaces that can be used for more than one purpose. This daybed or lounge area as featured in Apartment Therapy that Haley and Michael have in their Philadelphia tiny home serves several purposes. It can be used as seating during the day and it opens up to a queen-sized bed at night. It also has additional storage below.

They’ve also used a reverse of the technique common in most conventional homes by painting the walls white and having colored trim instead of painting the trim white and having colored walls.

Purchase Furniture that Does Double Duty Too


cafeteria table

This table can be used as a prep table or as a dining table – Image Source: World Market

Here’s a great table from World Market that would be perfect for your tiny house. It is small enough that it will take up very little floor space and then you can swing out the stools that are cleverly hinged below when it’s time for dinner.

You have the convenience of seating but it doesn’t take up space when you are not using it. It can also double as extra counter space when you are preparing your meals or as a desk when you are paying your bills.


Purchase Accessories that Look Decorative and Are Functional


Choose kitchen items that look pretty and are useful – Source: World Market

Because your space is limited, you probably don’t want to have too many items that are just decorative and not functional. When you are purchasing items that you will be using in your kitchen, select ones that are attractive and will add to the design of your home. For example, the marble tea kettle and pineapple cookie jar shown above from World Market are wonderful examples of functional pieces that will also add flair to your kitchen.

 Leverage Your Vertical Space


Use design tricks to draw your eye up to make your space seem larger

This video from Live Your Style is full of some great tips for decorating your tiny house. One of the best takeaways is to make use of your vertical space. Use decorating tricks that will draw your eyes up to make your home seem bigger. One way to do this is to hang your curtains higher than the actual window (even all the way to the ceiling) to add height to your room.


globe pendant light

A hanging light will draw your eye upward – Image Source: Wayfair

You can also hang a beautiful light fixture from your ceiling to draw your eyes up and take advantage of your vertical space. If you choose one made of a lighter material like this wicker globe pendant light from Wayfair you will also be giving a more airy and spacious feeling.


Use a Neutral Color Palette on the Big Things


neutral color pallette

Choose light, neutral colors for the bigger areas of your tiny home – Source: ipinimg.com

The best colors for your tiny house decor are light neutral tones. If you use this color palette, especially for the larger areas such as your walls, cabinets, ceiling and larger furniture pieces, then your home will actually seem bigger than it is. Darker colors will give you a closed-in feeling, whereas lighter hues will open your space up.

But a neutral palette doesn’t have to mean boring, as we see from the above tiny house from ipinimg.com. They have used some beautiful patterned materials for the drapes, pillows and cushions that go nicely with the neutral theme but bring some charm and playfulness to the atmosphere.

You can also get your fix of brighter color by painting your bathroom a bold and fun hue like bright blue, red, or yellow.


tiny living

Neutral doesn’t have to mean white – Source: HGTV

A neutral palette doesn’t mean that your tiny house has to be all white. You can still get a light and airy feeling with light-colored woods and soft greys or beiges, like the home above from HGTV.


Bring in Color with Accents


Accents can liven up a neutral palette – Source: Inhabitat

Another way that you can liven up a neutral room is by carefully choosing accent areas as in the above example from Inhabitat. Bold colored pillows and cushions can often add in just the right amount of color without making your room feel crowded.

In addition, you can try incorporating black as an accent color. For example, the kitchen tap and dinner plates gives some very effective definition to this home without being too daunting because it isn’t a solid mass of black. The choice of a light coloured wood counter and ceiling also add some visual interest.



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