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September 11, 2019

Tiny Houses for Sale Missouri: Minimalist Living

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Today we are going to take a good look at tiny houses for sale and why this minimalist lifestyle is growing in popularity.

For over two generations, we have been building high quality, fully customizable portable buildings that would be perfect as tiny houses.

We will answer your questions about why a tiny house would be a good choice for you and show you why Classic Buildings makes the best tiny houses for sale in Missouri. Let’s get started.


The tiny house movement is taking America by storm


The Tiny House Phenomenon

The tiny house movement has taken off in the United States in recent years, particularly as a result of economic troubles where many people have lost their larger homes. A tiny house allows you to live a simpler life that has everything you actually need at a much lower price tag and a much lower effect on the environment.

People who have chosen minimalist living do so for practical, ethical, and emotional reasons. “The simple act of living modestly transmits a bold message about who they are.”

The recent trend of tiny living can be traced to Sarah Susanka’s 1998 book called “The Not So Big House.” which outlined the benefits of smaller houses. For centuries, people lived in tiny dwellings such as caves, yurts, wigwams, igloos, and grass huts out of necessity, but today’s tiny house members are choosing to live in smaller dwellings.


tiny house

Enjoy economic freedom with the tiny house lifestyle



Minimalist Lifestyle

The minimalist lifestyle of the tiny house dweller means that you have the “economic freedom to live a bigger life, instead of having a bigger house.”

Advantages of the Tiny House Minimalist Lifestyle

With the tiny house minimalist lifestyle comes many great advantages including:

  • You have the possibility of living mortgage free because the cost is so small compared to a larger home
  • You can own your own home instead of having to rent
  • With lower initial and monthly costs, you can save more money for the future
  • You will have fewer possessions to tie you down
  • You will be making a much smaller impact on the environment; they have a smaller environmental footprint
  • You can have little or no debt


How Tiny Is a Tiny House?

There is no rule stating how tiny a house has to be in order to be considered a tiny house, however most tiny houses range from 60 to 400 square feet with some coming in as large as 1000 square feet. Classic buildings can build you a tiny house in whatever size you want. Our portable tiny houses are generally smaller at around 100 square feet or more and our permanent models are larger averaging 1000 square feet.



Tiny houses can come in sizes from 60 to 100 square feet


Tiny Houses For Sale


The Classic Buildings Tiny House Difference

If you want to become a part of the tiny house movement, we can help. Here are just a few of the reasons to get your tiny home built by Classic Buildings.

Full Customization:

Just because you choose to live in a tiny house, doesn’t mean that it has to be boring and have a “cookie cutter” layout and look. Classic Buildings can offer you full customization for your tiny house. Our tiny houses for sale are fully customizable including the layout, colors, style, roofing, and interiors. Bring us your ideas and we will make it happen in a design that is totally unique to you.

The Classic Ventilation Guarantee:

All of our tiny houses for sale are guaranteed to come with ridge ventilation and vented drip edge. A ridge vent is a kind of vent that is installed at the peak of a sloping roof. The Classic Buildings ridge vent runs the full length of our buildings and there are screened air vents on both sides.

The ridge vent allows warm, humid air to escape out of a building’s attic and it helps to circulate comfortable air inside your building. This feature will make your tiny house much more comfortable.


ridge vent

Classic’s ridge vent runs the full length of their buildings



Best Quality and Durability on the Market

Our highly trained builders take pride in every tiny house and portable building that they construct. Their meticulous workmanship has earned Classic a well-deserved reputation for producing the best quality and highly durable buildings available. If you are not completely satisfied with our workmanship, we assure you that we will repair or redo it according to your specifications.

Classic uses only the highest quality materials so that your tiny house may very well be the last one you need to buy. We use LP SmartSide siding which is a wood product that is much stronger than chipboard siding and comes with an amazing 50 year warranty! Our buildings are engineered to withstand 140 mph winds and 70 pounds per square foot of snow. The exterior veneer is made out of an engineered wood that won’t split or crack when it dries and is warrantied against decay and delamination.


well made tiny homes

Classic Building’s structures are highly durable


The Best Customer Service

Classic Buildings offers you the best customer service possible. We highly value integrity so we promise to be 100% honest in all of our communications. We will treat you with courtesy, respect, and care.

We stand behind our work and if you are not 100% completely satisfied with your tiny house we will offer you a 30 day money back guarantee.


Gallery of Tiny Houses Available from Classic Buildings



Classic Buildings – Tiny Houses for Sale in MissouriClassic Buildings logo

If you want to take control of your life and your finances by adopting the tiny house lifestyle, Classic would love to support you by providing you with a beautifully built and affordable home.

If you’ve been inspired to start living a tiny lifestyle, we can help. Contact Classic Buildings now! We can build whatever tiny house design you like for you. You don’t have to be a great carpenter to have your own tiny home. We have the know-how and expertise to do it for you. Our tiny houses are built with the highest quality materials by skilled craftsmen. We offer a wide variety of features and options so your tiny home will be custom-built to suit all of your needs.


get a free quote


If spending the extra money to get a high-quality building is a concern for you, then you will be pleased to find out that Classic Buildings provides financing, and most people even qualify with no money down. Contact Classic Buildings today or visit the location nearest you to find out how easy it is to purchase your building.

Remember, before buying a shed you should be aware of the shed permit requirements of your municipality. Sometimes permit requirements depend on the size of your shed.

Classic Buildings has locations throughout the Midwest, including various Missouri cities (St. Louis, Arnold, Columbia, St. Charles, Rolla, Linn, Springfield, Jefferson City, Kansas City, and Washington Missouri). We are located in Swansea, Illinois and Kansas and deliver throughout the Midwest, and, in some cases, nationwide!

If you would like to take a look at Classic Buildings’ storage sheds, check out our brochure, or visit one of our locations to see our sheds firsthand!

“It was a pleasure working with confident and qualified people. The workmanship and materials are second to none…I would recommend Classic Buildings to anyone who requires a building for storage, recreation or whatever your needs are.”

– Mike Dinello

 Read more testimonials here!





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