tiny houses kansas city everything you need to know

Looking for information about Tiny Houses Kansas City? As tiny homes become more popular, many people are choosing the tiny life! Transitioning to the tiny way of living, however, may not be as simple as it sounds. There is a lot you need to know, from where to buy your tiny house to local housing bylaws. This page covers all your tiny house related questions, so you can decide if tiny living is right for you. Contact Classic Buildings today for more information, or to learn more about our available tiny homes


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Tiny Houses Kansas City Ideas

Tiny houses come in all shapes, designs, and even sizes. Tiny houses typically range in size from 60 – 400 square feet. Before you decide on the tiny life, it’s important to get ideas! What style do you like? What size is best for you and your family?

When it comes to the tiny home, there are truly endless opportunities. Want to see more creative and unique designs? For more tiny house ideas, check out 19 Of The Most Amazing And Best Tiny House Designs! Tiny homes are a great option for the adventure seeker and nature lover, for those who want to live an environmentally friendly life, and even for entire families. People from every stage of life can enjoy tiny living! 

Where to Buy Tiny Houses In Kansas City

tiny houses kansas city

So, you want to buy a tiny home – but where do you even begin to look? Because the tiny house movement has exploded in the last few years, there are more options than ever before! This can be a good thing; there is a tiny home to fit every need and budget!

But it can also be a bad thing; too many options can easily overwhelm the new buyer. The following lists some of the tiny house manufacturers and sellers in the Kansas City area, so you can take a step back and enjoy the process without feeling overwhelmed! 

Classic Buildings – Prebuilt Tiny Houses & Tiny House Plans 

At Classic Buildings, we build many types of portable buildings, from garden sheds to garages to tiny homes!  All of our portable buildings, including our tiny homes, are built with the highest quality materials by highly trained workers. We build our tiny homes with quality and Amish craftsmanship. We offer many options and features so your home feels like your own! We allow you to finish out the inside yourself as you want and at your own pace. We also offer a free project evaluation. Our Portable Building Specialists will be happy to sit down and visit with you about your project and help you find the floor plan and model that best suits your dream! 

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Tiny House Listings – Kansas City 

Tiny House Listings (tinyhouselistings.com) is an online listing of available tiny houses in your area! It aims to work with manufacturers, sellers, and buyers to create an easy-to-use online tiny home marketplace. Tiny House Listings itself is not a manufacturer but a platform for others to use when trying to sell or buy a tiny home. Listings in the Kansas City area depend on who is selling at any given time. However, as Tiny House Listings says, since tiny homes can often be moved or delivered, location is not always a factor. 

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Custom Container Living 

Customer Container Living (cusomcontainerliving.com) specializes in tiny houses made from shipping containers! These custom tiny homes come in 20′ and 40′ and include many customization options. For more information about Customer Container Living, visit their FAQ page. Custom Container Living is located fifty miles south of Kansas City. 

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Tiny House Kansas City Bylaws and Regulations

Tiny Houses bylaws and regulations

If you’ve found your perfect tiny house and are ready to move forward, figuring out your local bylaws is the next important step. The tiny house movement is alive and well in Kansas City, but bylaws are not always easy to navigate! Here are some resources when looking for tiny house bylaws for Kansas City, Missouri. 

  • American Tiny House AssociationKansas City, MO regulations regarding travel trailers 
    This provides information about terminology (such as what is legally considered a travel trailer and a mobile home). It also outlines all relevant permit requirements for travel trailers and mobile homes, as some tiny houses may fall under the legal category of ‘travel trailer’ or ‘mobile home.’ 
  • International Code Council (ICC)Missouri 
    This resource outlines all of the building codes in effect for all of Missouri. It includes all relevant links to each building code as well as a listing of key contacts. 
  • Looking for more information? Check out this article on Curbed.com. It outlines the fact that most states actually do not have set-in-stone bylaws regarding tiny homes, as tiny housing is still a relatively recent trend. However, it provides a lot of important information such as zoning versus building codes, and where (generally) you can place a tiny home. 

Check out this video below to see more about tiny house movement in Kansas City! 







Tiny Houses Kansas City – In The News

Tiny houses in the news

With the ever-growing tiny house trend in Kansas City and all over the world, there are lots of interesting news articles about this fun and interesting movement! 

The Kansas City Star – “How to make a homeless veterans project hip? It takes a village of tiny houses” – Click Here To Read Full Article

In November 2016, Ricky Montgomery wrote the article How to make a homeless veterans project hip? It takes a village of tiny houses for The Kansas City Star. This article outlines the amazing outreach effort that aims to help homeless veterans by providing them with fully functional, rent-free tiny homes! 

The Kansas City Star – “Tiny-house trend moves into Kansas City” – Click Here To Read Full Article

In June 2015, Kristen Polizzi wrote the article Tiny-house trend moves into Kansas City for The Kansas City Star. Polizzi provides a brief history of the tiny house movement. She also interviews some of the latest to join the tiny house movement in Kansas City, including a young couple looking for an affordable and eco-friendly option.  

Atlas Obscura – A Tiny House in Missouri Was Inexplicably Stolen and Driven to Kansas – Click Here To Read Full Article 

In July 2017, Michael Waters wrote the article A Tiny House in Missouri Was Inexplicably Stolen and Driven to Kansas for Atlas Obscura. Not your typical feel-good tiny home story! This serves as a good reminder that tiny homes are vulnerable to a different kind of theft than the average home! Still, the article has a happy ending. 

The Benefits Of Tiny Houses

Benefits of tiny houses

There are many benefits to owning and living in a tiny home – that’s why so many are in love with the tiny house movement! Here are just a few of the many benefits of tiny living: 

  • It’s environmentally friendly – You reduce your overall carbon footprint, use less electricity, and only have room for the essentials
  • It’s economical – Did you know 89% of tiny house owners have less credit card debt than other Americans? 
  • It costs less – A tiny house costs significantly less than the typical home! The average price of a tiny house is only $23,000!
  • No mortgage – Many who live in a tiny house get rid of their mortgage much faster or have none at all! 68% of tiny homeowners have no mortgage (compared to 35% of regular homeowners).  

SourceThe Tiny House Movement – Stats and Figures 

tiny houses


What Is The Definition Of A Tiny House?

There is no exact definition of a tiny house. The term tiny house is subjective and may differ depending on the group you are part of or your location. Tiny House Community defines a tiny house as:

“A home of 400 square feet or less, either on wheels or a foundation. I consider a home of
between 400 and 1000 square feet to be small.”

Others say that choosing a tiny house is more about the lifestyle that goes along with it rather than the actual size of the house. Check out the video below to see more tiny homeowners who love the tiny house lifestyle! 








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