Announcing the top 10 gardening planter box DIY ideas for your garden; they’re easy to do and they look amazing! Get a great garden shed to store all of your gardening supplies now.


Top 10 Gardening Planter Box DIY Ideas For Your Garden


Gardening Planter Box DIY Ideas for Your Garden

A garden planter box doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. Here are some cheap garden decoration ideas for your backyard planters that won’t break your budget. Most of them are easy to make, even for the beginner do-it-yoursefer.


Build Your Own Wood Planters

1. Square Planter Box

A simple square planter box is lovely and one of the simplest DIY ideas for your garden


Best for the beginner DIY-er: If you want to be a bit more ambitious and would like to build something from scratch, here’s a great planter design to start with. You will need Four 2″ X 4″ cedar boards, 2.5″ outside wood screws, exterior wood glue, a wood stain of your choice, and a 14″ square planter to set inside your box. You can find the step-by-step instructions at Two Feet First.


2. Wooden Bench Planter

cedar bench planter

Additional seating and a place for your plants – what a great idea! – Image Source: Brittany Stager


Best for a large porch: If you want to get a bigger, more ambitious planter, why not try your hand at this lovely cedar wooden bench with a built-in planter. It requires fifteen Cedar 2 x 4’s, six cedar 1 x 6’s, Gorilla glue, an outdoor wood stain, and an assortment of cedar deck screws. Get to complete instructions from Brittany Stager. The entire project will cost you less than $500.

3. Vertical Veggie Garden

vertical veggie garden

Grow your vegetables in this great space-saving planter garden – Image Source: Man Made DIY

Best for the limited-space gardener: You can also make beautiful containers to show off not just your flowers, but your veggies too! Here is a sleek modern design from Man Made DIY for a vertical veggie garden. It’s one of those great DIY ideas for your garden, especially if you are tight for space or you live in an apartment and would like to grow vegetables on your balcony.

Cinder Block Projects

If you have some concrete/cinder blocks left over from a previous building project, you can use them to make some stunning DIY planters.


4. Concrete Block Chair Planter


concrete block chair

Concrete blocks make a great vehicle for your plants – Image Source: Funky Junk Interiors


Best for outside-the-box thinking: We love this concrete block chair planter from Funky Junk Interiors. This is one of those perfect DIY ideas for your garden that is also a great way to use extra concrete blocks you might have lying around your property. They are solid, easy to stack and will last forever (well, almost forever!)


5. Stenciled Cinder Blocks

Cinder blocks never looked so good – Image Source: Rust-Oleum


Best for those wanting a whimsical look: If you don’t like the look of plain concrete blocks, take them up a notch with this awesome stenciling idea from Rust-Oleum. You can purchase all the supplies you need and get the simple instructions from their website. Choose a variety of different stencils and colors to create a collage of planters that will look amazing!


6. Painted Concrete Blocks

painted concrete blocks planter

Painted concrete blocks can make a wonderful DIY garden planter – Image Source: My Desired Home

Best for a tighter budget: If stenciling seems a bit too time-consuming for you, then you can simply paint your concrete blocks to give them a unique look. You can use a combination of full and half concrete blocks to create a stacked planter that will “wow” your friends and neighbors. This wonderful idea comes from My Desired Home.


Re-Purposing Items as Garden Planters

If you are passionate about recycling, here are some gardening planter DIY ideas that will speak to your heart.


7. Shoe and Boot Planters

diy ideas for your garden

Recycle your old shoes for a fun and rather unusual garden planter DIY idea

Best for making a statement: Almost anything can be re-purposed as a planter. You are only limited by your imagination. These old shoes, boots and balls are a fun and whimsical way to display your plants and be friendly to the environment. Simply line the insides with an appropriately sized plastic bag and fill them with potting soil so they’re ready to hold whichever plant you choose.


8. Bathtub Planters

bathtub planter

Even an old bathtub can be blooming brilliant on your lawn

Best for those with a sense of humor: You might think that a bathtub on your front yard would look tacky, but think again. This one actually looks quite elegant, especially now that it is filled with a variety of breathtaking and colorful blooms. If you are running out of new DIY ideas for your garden, start thinking outside of the box – or as in this case – outside of the bathroom.

9. Bird Bath Planter

bird bath planter

Move over bird – the flowers are taking over your space!

Best for retro lovers: Bird baths and fountains were all the rage back in the 70’s. If you still have an old one kicking around, put it to good use and re-purpose it as an elegant garden planter.


10. Bicycle / Cart Planter

bicycle planter

Parts from old bicycles or carts can be used to decorate a lovely planter

Best for a little nostalgia: If you have any old bicycle or cartwheels in your garage or barn, you can use the parts to create a unique planter that will give you a lovely antique look. Be creative and design something no one else has.

Garden Storage Shed Can Take Your Planters to the Next Level


garden storage shed

Invest in a garden storage shed – you won’t regret it! – Image Source: Classic buildings

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