DIY Herb Gardening Projects


Nothing beats the amazing taste of fresh herbs. You can always have an abundant supply or your own by making one of these amazing DIY herb gardening projects. Once you get a taste of the joys of gardening you’ll probably want to expand your skills. If you are looking for the perfect gardening shed to keep all of your supplies and seedlings, contact Classic Buildings today.


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Top 7 DIY Herb Gardening Projects

Here are our top 7 choices for DIY herb gardening projects. Read through our list and choose the one that inspires you to garden and to cook!


1. Herb Garden Ladder Planter


herb ladder planter

Attach your herb ladder to the side of your outdoor shed or fence – Image Source:  DIY & Crafts


Why It Makes the List: A ladder planter for your herb garden is a great way to use vertical space. If you attach your planter to the side of your garden shed, it will be especially handy for accessing all of your tools for planting and tending your herbs or other plants.

How to Make Your Own: If you are handy you can make your own ladder planter from scratch. Instructions on how to do it are found in the Home Depot post ” DIY Planter Box Ladder.”  If you are a beginner, why not take an old wooden ladder and simply nail pre-made wooden flower boxes to each rung? It’s a fast and inexpensive way to make your own.

Source: DIY & Crafts


2. Grow Herbs in Your Flower Boxes


herb flower box

Fill your unused flower boxes with fresh herbs – Image Source: Fine Gardening


Why It Makes the List: You may already have flower boxes under your windows on your home or even on your garden shed that you are not sure what to do with. Turning these boxes into miniature herb gardens will not only make them look beautiful but they will also provide your family with fresh herbs for cooking.

How to Make Your Own: Simply place a thin layer of gravel or small stones in the bottom of your window box for drainage. Pour in some potting soil, filling it almost to the top. Make small holes in the soil and place your herbs into the holes. Press down gently around each plant and lightly water them. For more detailed instructions on how to plant your herbs, read our post “DIY: How to grow your own herbs from home.

Source: Fine Gardening


3. Vintage Teacup Herb Garden


teacup herb garden
Bring some elegance to your herb garden by planting them in teacups – Image Source: Intimate Weddings


Why It Makes the List: There is something very vintage about an herb garden, so we think that planting your herbs in vintage teacups is a very practical and beautiful way to display your odd cups and saucers and enjoy the taste of fresh herbs. If you have extra cups and saucers left over from china sets that are mostly broken, put them to good use and let them shine once again.

How to Make Your Own: Simply place a small herb plant into your teacup and fill it up with potting soil. Press your herb down firmly into the soil and lightly water. You can also place a few small pebbles into the bottom of the cup for extra drainage.

Source: Intimate Weddings


4. Baking Tin Wall Planter


baking tin planter

Baking pans are not only useful for baking – Image Source: Grillo Designs


Why It Makes the List: You can make an indoor herb planter in 10 minutes!  It’s fast, easy and it will look great on your kitchen wall.

How to Make Your Own: All you need is a baking tin, Sharpie, some small stones, potting soil, polymer plastic sheet, scissors, and Gorilla Glue. And, of course, your favorite herbs for planting. You can get the detailed instructions at Grillo Designs.

Source: Grillo Designs


5. Vertical Hanging Herbs


Defy gravity with this awesome herb planter – Image Source: Photo by Bright GreenLook for kitchen pictures


Why It Makes the List: This planter is just so unconventional that it had to make our list. This planter is totally cool as it almost defies gravity by hanging vertically on your wall.

How to Make Your Own: Make sure you line your planter box with waterproof plant liner before you begin. Tightly plant your herbs inside the wooden planter box and hang it securely on your wall. This planter has an irrigation tank in the top and a water collector in the bottom of the frame for easy watering. You can hang it up inside or outside on a fence or outdoor shed.

Source: Houz



6. Portable Herb Garden in a Can


herb garden in a can

Bring your herbs inside for cooking and take them back out to enjoy the sunshine – Image Source: Unsophisticook


Why It Makes the List: The best thing about this next of our DIY herb gardening projects is that it’s portable. You can pick it up and bring it inside when you need fresh herbs for your favorite dish and then when you are finished harvesting, you can take it back outside again to enjoy the bright sunshine. If you have trouble growing herbs inside or if your home just doesn’t have a bright enough spot for plants to thrive, then this is the answer for you.

How to Make Your Own: You can really use any type of container with a handle but this galvanized utensil caddy from Walmart has the advantage of already being divided into sections which means each different herb can have its own space. Simply pour a few stones into the bottom of each section for drainage, add a little soil and place your herb in its assigned section. Fill in and around the plant with more potting soil and press down firmly. Lightly water your plants once the container is full.

Source: Unsophisticook


7. Hanging Potted Herb Garden


Hanging potted herb garden

Hang up your herbs in pretty painted

terracotta pots – Image Source: Fresh Mommy Blog


Why It Makes the List: This hanging herb garden is a very creative way to grow and beautifully display your herbs.

How to Make Your Own: The wood used in this project was re-purposed pallets from old beds. If you don’t have any old beds kicking around you can usually get free pallets from any warehouse that uses pallets. You can purchase the terracotta pots to plant the herbs in at your local dollar store and spray paint them the color of your choice. To join your planks together, you’ll need threaded rods, threaded rod couplings, nuts and washers. For complete instructions, click here.

Source: Fresh Mommy Blog


Best Herbs to Grow in Containers



Basil grows very well in containers


The best herbs to grow in containers are:

  • Basil
  • Greek oregano
  • Rosemary
  • Thyme
  • Mint
  • Parsley
  • Lemon Balm


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