Hi!  My name is Derl Warren and I have worked with Classic Buildings selling portable storage buildings, sheds, and cabins for almost two years.  Now I manage a team of Dealers and Salespeople in Missouri and Illinois that are great at filling your portable building needs.

I believe that Classic Buildings are the best building available in the portable building market in the entire Midwest.  From our best seller, the Lofted Garden Barn, to the classy and stylish Breckenridge, Classic Buildings offers a wide range of portable storage sheds to meet your needs.  We use only the highest quality material from our “4-square” 2X4 studs, to our 50-year siding, to the optional Advantech flooring, a Classic Building is built for the long haul.  (That’s why we have a Limited Lifetime Warranty on all our buildings!)

People often ask me why they should purchase a Classic Building over some of the cheaper portable buildings available at other places.  I say that you have to look at the total cost of owning a building.  If you have to replace/repair your building in 10 short years because of fading, leaning, or other structural problems, you haven’t saved any money because you only would have had to buy one Classic Building…and it lasts for a lifetime, guaranteed!

If you ever have any questions or concerns about your experience with Classic Buildings, I am here to listen to you.  Call me any time at 573-897-5713, or email me at [email protected]

Come back often as I will be adding posts with great information about our buildings, financing options, and maybe even a cookie recipe someday!  (Classic Buildings owners will know exactly what I am talking about!)

See you soon!