If you ever wonder why Classic Buildings are so much more sturdy, you need only take a look at our 2×4’s.

Our 2×4 studs, joists and trusses are all made from “4-square” lumber.  This means that all 4 sides of every board have a square corner.  This makes it much easier to be accurate if you decide to finish out your Classic Building, or just hang peg board to hold your tools.  No warped, knot-filled boards go in our buildings at all!

Speaking of those 2×4’s:  We use a LOT of them in every Classic Building.  Far more than most of our competitors do.

For instance:

If you have a 12×16 Lofted Garden Barn, our most popular seller in our most popular size, you will see that we place our studs 16 inches on center.  This means that every stud is spaced 16 inches apart, just like a house.  Many portable building companies place their studs 24 inches on center.  This gives our building much more structural strength than the average building, and the added benefit is that your siding will not warp or separate since it is nailed to every stud.  This keeps your building looking great for many years to come!

Just look at the number of 2x4s we use in a 12×16 Lofted Garden Barn:

Floor – 17

End walls – 10 each

Side walls – 19 each

Roof trusses – 26

That’s a total of 101 2x4s in your building!

If a competitor’s shed builds their walls and trusses 24 inches on center, they will use about 25% fewer 2x4s.  This saves THEM a lot of money, but what will it cost you down the road if something happens?

Remember:  The total cost of owning a Classic Building is far less than most other buildings for the simple reason that you only have to buy it once!

If you have questions or concerns about any aspect of Classic Buildings, I am always available to take your call.  573-897-5713  Or you can email me at [email protected]

Have a great day!