In a few years, there will be more motorcyclists and motorcycle enthusiasts than today; at least that’s what market research firm IBISWorld predicts. The results of their 2013 study seem to indicate a favorable outcome for the industry, as Cyril Huze reports:

Over the five years to 2018, the industry is expected to reorganize its efforts to attract different customers, penetrate emerging markets and achieve more efficient production capacity. Industry players are increasingly concentrating on customers who have not purchased a motorcycle before. Middle-aged males comprised the largest industry market segment in the five years to 2013, but this demographic will shrink as the population ages. Higher disposable income and an increase in the number of younger customers will increase demand for motorcycles and bicycles.

While this forecast can still change over time, a growing number of bikers may correspondingly create greater demand for biker sheds and similar outdoor storage solutions, like those offered by Classic Buildings. Of course, people may simply say “that’s why you have a garage” in response to this demand. However, a typical Missouri portable shed for motorcycles is in some ways better than an adjacent vehicle storage structure at home. For starters, not everyone even has had a garage built in the first place!

Those whose homes have garages often find themselves hard-pressed when storing their rides for the winter given that a garage typically freezes up faster than an outdoor bike shed. While garages can be reinforced with moisture-absorbent sheets available from hardware stores, space can soon become another issue. Many garages are too cramped to store both a motorcycle and a larger four-wheeled vehicle, not to mention their accessories and spare parts. An outdoor shed, on the other hand, eliminates these problems by simply creating a separate storage area for bikes and choppers.

An outdoor shed is also easy to transport, which makes it extremely useful for any biker who’s always on the move. There is also the fact that outdoor sheds are easier to customize than a typical garage. For example, some companies can build storage sheds with solar lights and metal skylights that can help reduce utility bills significantly. When it comes to the best portable sheds in Missouri, count on trusted names like Classic Buildings for excellent personalized solutions.

(From Report On The State Of the US Motorcycle, Bike And Parts Industry Market., Cyril Huze Post, October 16, 2013)