At Classic Buildings, we make a big ado about the Quality workmanship on our Portable Outdoor Buildings. This begs the question, how do you get quality workmanship? I say you get it from hiring employees that WANT to do the task at hand, whether it is building Storage Buildings, Processing orders, answering the phone or sweeping the floors of the sheds.

My 4 daughters, ages 4 to 10 have recently proven this to be the absolute truth. Generally they are not excited about work, and, as most children their age, their work is not what you would call HIGH QUALITY. However, last week after the fall winds separated the tress from their leaves, my 4 daughters spent hours outside playing in leaf piles behind our house close to the woods. After a full day of that they decided that was not exciting enough, and wanted to have a leaf pile beside the trampoline,,, well that presented a problem as the leaves were 75 yards away from the trampoline.

They desperately wanted the experience of jumping off the trampoline into a pile of leaves, so they decided to move the leaf pile 75 yards. They asked their mom for garbage bags and set to work. After several hours of hard work, they had moved the pile of leaves shown in this video a full 75 yards with small garbage bags. Keep in mind the oldest girl here is 10 years old with the next one 7, and the 4 year old twins.

In conclusion, my message is twofold.

1.     Choose to love your job and you will never have to work a day in your life.

2.     Classic Building’s ability to produce a quality storage shed is directly related to the Quality employees we have.



Kenneth Miller

Check out the video of my girls jumping off the trampoline.

Kenneths Girls FAll 2013-Medium