portable cabins 7 impressive design ideas

Investing in a portable cabin is a great way to make extra space for visiting friends and family and when you aren’t entertaining it can also give you the extra storage you need. To help you choose a portable cabin design that suits your personal tastes and requirements, we’ve put together 7 of the most impressive design ideas that we could find. From granny flats to bunkhouses, you are sure to find a cabin that will catch your eye. If you are looking to purchase some extra storage or entertaining space such as a portable cabin, contact Classic Buildings today. Find out how easy it is to “Rent-To-Own” your own portable cabin.

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1. Cozy Cabin In The Woods

Why It Makes The List:

This beautiful and cozy cabin has so many great extra features like double barn doors with decorative trim and handy access ramps leading up to them. The lovely window boxes beneath the two standard aluminum windows give it that extra homey touch. You can also have it wired for electricity and insulated to keep it warm and comfortable. It would make a great place for your weekend guests to stay, or, if you are short on space, it would be a wonderful garden storage space.

Most Impressive Part:

It is so incredibly easy to own this cabin especially since the company offers a great “Rent-To-Own” option with payments as low as $85 per month. Click here for more information.

Source: Classic Buildings

2. Granny Flat

Why It Makes The List:

If you need some extra space for guests or relatives staying with you, this great portable granny flat would do the trick nicely. It has an open plan kitchen/living room design and covers a total area of 78 m2 (839.6 square feet). The verandah out front is a lovely feature and the split roof design is a very pleasing alternative to the standard “box-shaped” cabin design.

Most Impressive Part:

This awesome granny flat features not one but two bedrooms!

Source: IBuild Building Solutions

3. Tropical Park Cabin

Why It Makes The List:

We really like the “vacation” feel of these portable park cabins. They would make the perfect family getaway complete with a nice sized bedroom as well as a bunk bed area for the children. There is lots of built-in storage space and a nice sized bathroom. We also like the extended overhang above the porch.

Most Impressive Part:

We really like the fun and definitely “beachy” colours you can choose from.

Source: East Coast Homes and Park Cabins

4. Wooden Granny Flat

Why It Makes The List:

This natural wood granny flat is reminiscent of the old west, especially with the open and sprawling front verandah. The flat also is equipped with a toilet and shower as well as one bedroom. It’s a great size with a total area of 47.04 m2 (506.3 square feet). We love the huge matching picture windows at the front of this design, making the inside incredibly bright and cheery.

Most Impressive Part:

We love how they left the natural wood without painting it. The beauty of the real wood is rustic yet classic.

Source: Classic Cabins

5. Bunkie Cabin


Source: Van Isle Ecolog Homes

Why It Makes The List:

The Bunkie is a “micro-house” or mini-cabin which can give you extra sleeping area for visiting relatives or friends. It would also make a fun place for your children’s sleepovers. It’s tiny at 100 square feet plus the 50 square foot loft, but it cleverly makes good use of its small footprint.

Most Impressive Part:

You can climb up into a cute loft where you can curl up and enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep.

Source: Van Isle Ecolog Homes

6. Country-Style Cabin

Why It Makes The List:

This quaint country-style cabin would make a great place to comfortably house your overnight guests. The charming front porch is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the beautiful outdoors while being sheltered from the sun. It comes with two aluminum windows and one front house door. You can choose from a variety of colours including brown, clay, gray, red, tan, or white. You also have a selection of roof materials and colours such as brown, gray, and rustic red metal, or black or brown shingles.

Most Impressive Part:

This cabin may seem small, but it actually boasts a cathedral ceiling and an additional ample storage area above the porch.

Source: Dutch Country Sheds

7. Pine Cabin

Why It Makes The List:

This great pine cabin totally suits the great outdoors and it makes a perfect escape if you want to enjoy the great outdoors. The extra deep front porch is a wonderful spot to congregate with your friends and family to just relax and converse about your day. The steel green roof is not only attractive but it’s also very durable and the retractable awning lets you choose whether you want to enjoy the full sun or take a break and enjoy some cool shade.

Most Impressive Part:

We really love all of the windows in this portable cabin design.

Source: Knotty Pine Cabins

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