Shed to house conversions are becoming more and more popular and for very good reasons. They can save you time and money, they are environmentally friendly, and if you aren’t an avid do-it-yourselfer, they can also be purchased fully assembled and ready to convert. Here are 5 great examples of ways you can convert your shed into an awesome living space for yourself, your family members, or even as an extension of your existing home. If you are thinking of converting a shed into a tiny house, contact Classic Buildings today to find out how easy and economical it could be.


Make a “Shed To House” Your Primary Residence

In the following video, you can see a couple build a shed from scratch and then kit it out as a tiny house where they will live. You can watch as Robert and Samantha go through the construction process of their new home – and thanks to stop-motion photography, it only takes 8 minutes to watch. Converting a shed to be your primary residence makes sense for a number of reasons. It’s much more economical than purchasing a full-sized home and it’s easier on the environment as it takes fewer materials and has a smaller footprint.

Converted Sheds Make Great Granny Flats Or Guest Houses

Doing a shed to house conversion is a great way to have a perfect place for your in-laws, relatives, or overnight guests to stay. It can be a temporary residence for weekend guests or something more permanent for your mom to live in so she is close by but still has her own space. Sheds made by companies such as Classic Buildings can be custom made to your exact specifications, ready to be wired for electricity and with the options for insulation and drywall. A two-story model like the one pictured below gives lots of extra space for an upper bedroom. A Classic Buildings shed is made with the same high craftsmanship and premier materials that go into a quality home and they come with a lifetime guarantee so you can purchase with confidence.


Finance a Boomerang Shed For Your Boomerang Kids

This isn’t a shed from Australia. Boomerang a new term that refers to your children that have finished college, have yet to find a job and are now living back home with you. In today’s economy, this situation happens quite often. According to the Pew Research Center approximately 15% of Millennials (adults aged between 25 and 30 years old) are still living in their parents’ home. The difficulty is that while away at college, your kids have become accustomed to living on their own and you’ve become accustomed to having that extra space and privacy. Here’s a great solution – convert an outdoor shed into a comfortable living space for your grown child. It’s a great compromise as it provides you and your children separate living spaces without costing you a fortune. Classic Buildings offers sub-prime financing on tiny homes to make the payment process even easier. The payments are very affordable so your child can even pay the reasonable monthly fees so you won’t have to, plus, in 2 to 10 years when the payments are done, the shed will belong to you! The following video shows a converted Boomerang shed complete with kitchen/living area and upper loft bedroom and bathroom.

It’s a Home Gym And a Dining Room All In One – Great Converted Shed

Make your shed an addition to your home. A tiny home doesn’t have to be a downsize; consider it as an economical option for a much-needed addition to your home. Instead of embarking on a huge renovation project to add an extra room to your home, you could instead purchase a garden shed and convert it into an extra room. It could become that home gym that you’ve always wanted or extra dining space or both. That’s exactly what this shed conversion from Housekaboodle became: a gym-dining room combination.

Shed To Man Cave Conversion

Sometimes you just need to get out of the house and have a place to escape for yourself. Your man cave doesn’t have to take up one of the rooms in your home. Bring your cave into the garden by converting your existing shed or purchase one to convert. The following video shows the steps of converting a 12′ x 24′ shed into a basic yet comfortable retreat any guy would be happy to own.

Start Your Shed To House Conversion With the Best – Classic BuildingsMissouri Home Shows

If you’ve been inspired to attempt your own shed to house conversion start with the best shed.  Contact Classic Buildings now! Our wooden sheds are built with the highest quality materials by only the most skilled craftsmen. We offer a wide variety of features and options so your wooden shed will be custom-built to suit all of your needs.

If spending the extra money to get a high-quality shed with the best type of siding is a concern for you then you will be pleased to find out that Classic Buildings provides financing options for credit scores as low as 580. Contact Classic Buildings today or visit the location nearest you to find out how easy it is to purchase your building.

Remember, before buying a shed you should be aware of the shed permit requirements of your municipality. Sometimes permit requirements depend on the size of your shed.

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