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September 14, 2018

Wood Storage Sheds – Ultimate Guide To How Long They Last 2018

Classic Buildings crafts the highest quality wood storage sheds that are built to last a lifetime. Our Amish crafted wood storage sheds are the best portable buildings you can purchase. We are so confident that our wood sheds are the best you can buy, that we guarantee it. Find out how easy it is to own your own Classic Building wood shed with our Rent-To-Own program. Contact us today for a free quote.

Country Cottage
Country Cottage by Classic Buildings

How Long Do Wood Storage Sheds Last?

Not all wooden storage sheds are built with the same degree of quality. At Classic Buildings, we build our sheds to last a lifetime; that’s why we include many standard features on our buildings that are usually additional options you would need to pay extra for with other companies. Our buildings come with

  • 3/4″ tongue and groove Advantech Flooring: This quality flooring is engineered to provide you with water resistance as well as superior strength and stiffness.
  • Diamond Treadplate: This type of treadplate will give you extra durability.
  • 2×4 framed double doors with turnbuckle bracing: The turnbuckles will keep your doors from sagging and becoming misaligned with the doorframe over time.

anti warp door 2016

Wood Storage Sheds Warranty Information Shows How Long They Last

You can tell if a wooden shed is well made by the warranty that is offered with it. Classic Buildings’ wooden storage sheds come with a warranty that is second to none in the market and is a great indicator of how long your wood shed will last. Our warranty includes:

  • A 10-year blanket warranty for defective workmanship
  • 30-year warranty against decay and delamination on pressure treated lumber
  • 50-year prorated warranty on LP Smart Side siding
  • 25-year warranty against chipping or peeling paint on the LP Smart Side siding
  • 30-year prorated warranty on the shingles
  • 40-year prorated warranty on the metal
  • 3-year warranty for settling and proper function of doors if the foundation was done by Classic Buildings
  • 30-day warranty for settling and proper function of doors if the foundation was done by someone outside of Classic Buildings

Please click here for the complete information and warranty conditions.

Why Are Wood Storage Sheds Good?

Wooden sheds have many advantages over other storage sheds made from resin, vinyl, or metal. They include the following:

1. Wooden Sheds are the Most Visually Attractive:

Nothing beats the rich look and natural beauty of a wooden shed. Wooden sheds come in an almost unlimited number of different and very attractive shapes, styles, and layouts. They also give you the options of various window and door styles including transom windows and double barn doors. They can be a beautiful addition to your backyard and add stunning curb appeal when they are incorporated into the existing landscape.


Ultra shed will add curb appeal
Ultra shed will add curb appeal


2. Wooden Sheds Are Easily Customizable

A wooden shed can be designed and painted to perfectly match or complement your home. You can even choose to use the same shingles! Wood is an easy material to work with so it is no problem to add extra shelves or hooks for extra storage. It is also relatively simple to install extra windows or build on an extension.

3. Wooden Sheds are Extremely Strong and Durable

If you purchase a high quality shed such as those made by Classic Buildings, you will find that is is extremely strong and durable. Classic Buildings sheds are crafted with Amish know-how so they are so sturdy that they are able to withstand even the strongest winds and weather conditions.

Plastic vs Wood vs. Metal Sheds

Storage sheds come in three basic types of material: plastic, wood, and metal. The following chart will give you a quick comparison of the pros and cons of plastic, metal and wood sheds.


plastic vs wood vs metal sheds

The type of shed you choose will depend on your particular situation, budget, and requirements. In general, a plastic shed is a good choice if you are planning on having to move it often, as it is the lightest option. Metal sheds are a great option if you are on a tight budget and aren’t too concerned about its appearance. However, if you are looking for a strong, durable shed that looks attractive or if you have a unique or specific purpose for the shed that requires special customization, then wood would be your best choice. For more information on the differences between the three types of sheds, click here.


customized Quaker shed
customized Quaker shed


What are Wood Storage Sheds Used For?

Wooden sheds are highly customizable which means that they can be used for a large variety of purposes including, but not limited to, storage. Here are a few of the most popular uses:

Tiny Homes – Two Story Cabin


Two Story cabin -the perfect tiny home
Two Story cabin -the perfect tiny home


Tiny homes are all the rage and for good reason. They are economical to purchase and they are environmentally friendly. They also make a wonderful place for your family and any other guests who come to visit for either a short or extended stay. They can be customized by adding electricity and insulation.

Studios – Quaker Shed


Quaker shed
Quaker shed


If you are creative and you need a place where you can create, why not purchase your own studio that you can have right in your backyard? The Quaker shed makes a lovely studio for any type of art from painting to pottery to sculpting.

Workshops – 2 Car Hobby Garages


2 car garage with workshop
2 car garage with workshop


If you enjoy working with your hands and fixing things, then you deserve a workshop where you can store all of your tools and work away in peace. This two car garage has a wonderfully handy workshop above it. The professionals at Classic Buildings can customize a garage or workshop to make sure that you get the exact type of building that you want.

Gardening Shed – Garden Cottage


Garden Cottage
Garden Cottage


The Garden Cottage would make the perfect gardening shed. You can customize it by adding a work shelf for potting and starting seedlings and the large double doors will give you easy access for your larger gardening equipment. The transom windows and decorative shutters give this shed a beautiful, country appearance.


Classic Buildings: Quality, Custom Crafted Storage Sheds at an Affordable Price

Missouri Home Shows

Purchasing a high quality, custom crafted wooden shed doesn’t have to cost you a fortune, and you don’t need to wait until you have enough money saved to buy one. Contact Classic Buildings today or visit the location nearest to you and find out how easy it is to Rent-To-Own your own beautiful wooden shed. We provide financing and most people can even qualify for $0 money down.

Remember, before buying a shed you should be aware of the shed permit requirements of your municipality. Sometimes permit requirements depend on the size of your shed.

Classic Buildings has locations throughout the Midwest, including various Missouri cities (St. Louis, Arnold, Columbia, St. Charles, Rolla, Linn, Springfield, Jefferson City, Kansas City, and Washington Missouri). We are located in Swansea, Illinois and Kansas and deliver throughout the Midwest, and, in some cases, nationwide!

If you would like to take a look at Classic Buildings’ storage sheds, check out our brochure, or visit one of our locations to see our sheds firsthand! 

“It was a pleasure working with confident and qualified people. The workmanship and materials are second to none…I would recommend Classic Buildings to anyone who requires a building for storage, recreation or whatever your needs are.” – Mike Dinello 

 Read more testimonials here!

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