Portable Tiny homes and cabins for sale in Missouri

Discover the freedom of compact living with portable tiny homes and cabins for sale in Missouri. Experience simplicity, versatility, and mobility in these cozy dwellings that embrace minimalism and allow you to take your home wherever adventure calls.

Creating excellent value for our clients through our unique style of delivery


These types of portable tiny homes and cabins can be delivered to just about anywhere in Missouri and parts of Illinois and Kansas. We can deliver as big as a 16x60 building. 

Tiny Home & Cabin Styles

These buildings come with 4 walls, a roof, and a floor. We have a wide verity of customized options for all your design preferences. These buildings are a perfect start to your new home.  

Quality materials & Construction

We use the best materials that are top of the line. In addition, these are handcrafted building built by real expert carpenters. 

Steps to how we work

Step 1

Fill out our easy online design consultation form to request a free design and quote. You can find that form by clicking here.

Step 2

Schedule a design consultation with one of our highly trained building design specialist. This consultation takes about an hour to complete. 

Step 3

Finalize colors, options, and add-ons for your new building. Options might include doors, windows, porch options and much more. 

Step 4

Apply for financing if needed. Finalize invoice and order your building. 

Step 5

Build and deliver your custom tiny home or cabin. 

Can I “Rent to Own” These Buildings?

Yes, but it may not the best idea for your circumstances. If you are contemplating the prospect of pursuing Rent to Own as a viable long-term residential solution, there are some things you need to consider. It is essential to recognize that embarking on this pathway entails a substantial initial investment, ranging from $5000 to $20,000, as a prerequisite for even considering Rent to Own as a plausible choice. Nevertheless, even at this juncture, the probability of Rent to Own aligning favorably with your circumstances remains quite remote. It is important to note that we do extend certain financing alternatives for individuals possessing approved credit, albeit such options are subject to inherent limitations.

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Classic buildings was informative and helpful from the start. Construction was efficient and fast, and the shed looks great. So much more room.

Michael Burke

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