September 6, 2019

10 Tips for Shed Cleaning

[et_pb_section][et_pb_row][et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text]Today, we’re going to provide you with 10 great tips for shed cleaning.

Through two generations, we’ve been providing custom storage/interiors for sheds to make them easier to clean and maintain for our customers; and we want to share our expertise with you.

This post will give you some very helpful organizational and practical shed cleaning tips to help you get your shed ready for the coming season. Let’s get started!



10 tips for shed cleaning



10 Tips for Shed Cleaning

Winter is fast approaching, so now is the perfect time to do some end-of-season shed cleaning so you have room to keep everything you need stored safely away until spring.


1. Get Rid of Items You No Longer Need

When you are shed cleaning, it’s also a great time to get rid of any items that you no longer need. It doesn’t make sense to be storing things that you don’t or won’t ever use again, and the extra space will give you room for things that you do use and make your storage space easier to clean and organize. Go through your shed and pull out any items that you no longer need. Gift them to someone who does need them, have an end-of season yard sale, or recycle those things that can be recycled.

If you have items that fall into the category of hazardous waste, such as excess paint and old batteries, plan to make a trip to your local hazardous waste disposal site. It’s not a good idea to keep these types of items for any length of time as they can be dangerous for children or pets.


hazardous waste

Safely dispose of any hazardous waste products such as old paint cans



2. Sweep Floors, Wipe Down Walls, and Clean Windows

It’s easier to clean if you take everything out first rather than trying to do shed cleaning around stored items. When you have everything out of your shed, give the floors a really good sweep. This will take no time at all with nothing getting in your way. Next, wipe down your walls and clean your windows.


window cleaning

Clean your shed’s windows inside and out


3. Get Rid of Cobwebs Over Doors and in Corners

Clean out the cobwebs and spider nests that have built up over the summer. It’s a good idea to wear long sleeves and gloves when you are doing this task, especially if you are not fond of spiders. Use a vacuum to suck up any spider webs, eggs or stray spiders that you find. Make sure you check all of the corners. To keep spiders from re-infesting your shed make sure you get rid of any unnecessary clutter such as empty boxes and unused planters.

It’s also a good idea to clean off the dirt from any of your garden tools before storing them in your shed. If you do keep cardboard boxes in your shed, seal them with packing tape to prevent spiders from getting inside and making a nest.



spider nests

Get rid of any spiders or nests



4. Clean up Any Rust Spots

If you have a metal shed, check it over for rust spots and get rid of them before they make holes in your shed. You can use a simple and non-toxic solution of baking soda and lemon juice to remove unwanted rust from your shed. Mix a thick paste of the baking soda and lemon juice, apply it to the rust spots with a brush and let set for a few hours. Then scrub away the rust. The following video shows you how.


You can remove rust with a non-toxic paste made of baking soda and lemon juice



5. Create an Inventory of Items in the Shed

If you have trouble remembering exactly what you have stored in your shed, then making an inventory list will help! Shed cleaning time is a great time to make your list. As you place each item back into your shed, simply write it down. You can even enter it in a spreadsheet on your mobile device if you prefer using a computer.


You can record what’s in your shed in a spreadsheet or just write it down



6. Re-organize Based on What You Use Most Frequently

Before you start placing things back inside your shed, think through what you are going to put where. If you have items that you will be using frequently, then assign those a place near the front of your shed for easy access. Less frequently used items can be placed in the back corners.



shelves and hooks

Organize your shed using shelves and wall hangers



7. Organize Garden Tools with Hooks

If you have a wooden shed, you can make great use of its strong walls to hang up your garden tools by installing hooks. Hooks are easy to install and will allow you to get your tools off the floor and easily accessible when you need them. If you have finished with your tools for the season, give them a good cleaning before storing them away to make them last longer.

Use a wire brush or scraper to remove any dirt or debris. If you notice any rust spots, scrape those off. Rinse them off and once they are dry, wipe them with a rag dipped in oil or spray with a lubricant such as WD40.



Clean your gardening tools before storing them away for the winter



8. Install Shelves for Easier Access

If you don’t have shelves or you don’t have enough shelving, now is a great time to install more. Shelves are great for storing your smaller items and keeping your floor space for your larger tools and equipment.

If you have a wooden shed your shelves can be used to store quite heavy items, however remember if your shed is vinyl or resin, your walls will not be able to support much weight.


outdoor storage sheds

The walls of a wood shed will be more durable and will be able to better support heavy items than a resin shed.



9. Leave a Path for Easy Access

When you are placing your items back into your shed, make sure to leave a path wide enough for you to get to the back easily. If you pack your shed solid and don’t leave any space for movement, you will have to take everything out in order to access items in the back of your shed.

full shed

Leave a path wide enough for you to get to the back of your shed



10. Stop Animals Moving in During the Winter

Prevention is one of the best ways to keep your shed clear of any unwanted animals and the mess that they can make. An outdoor shed is the perfect spot for smaller animals such as mice, rats, squirrels, and other pests to take shelter underneath during the winter. Usually, these little animals will dig underneath your shed and make a cozy home underneath.

As the winter progresses and the snow prevents them from getting out, they may then chew up through your flooring and enter into your shed where they make another nest and an even bigger mess. One of the best ways to stop animals from burrowing under your shed in the first place is by installing wire around the base of your shed. The following video will show you how to do this by digging a trench around the base of your shed and attaching wire to the foundation with 1 inch roofing nails and filling in the trench with sand and stones.

Prevent small animals from burrowing underneath your shed



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