“We shopped around for a storage building. We found some cheaper, but none any better.”

– Steve McCrary

“Your company produces such a quality storage building! You can tell that quality went into it because quality just shines through it. Even the delivery was a class act. All of you do a great job.”

– Rick Franklin

“It was a pleasure working with confident and qualified people. The workmanship and materials are second to none…I would recommend Classic Buildings to anyone who requires a a building for storage, recreation or whatever your needs are.” – Mike Dinello

“I appreciate being treated as if I were your only customer, allowing as much time as needed to reach a decision.” – Russell J. Murray

I just wanted to let you know how impressed Susan and I are with your company - Mark Yost

I just wanted to let you know how impressed Susan and I are with your company. We shopped around our area for several weeks and happened to be driving by the Classic Buildings on display at Swansea, IL. The sales representative, Matt Mollet, was such a delight to work with. He is very passionate about classic buildings and is extremely helpful. Matt walked us around to all of the different buildings and then helped us through the process of custom ordering our building. Matt was even kind enough to come to our house to ensure the sight that we chose for our building was suitable and that the path from the street was safe for delivery day.

We were also impressed that a representative from your company called to confirm our order, make sure there were no changes, and requested that we call her back if there were any changes or concerns. Even when the delivery date was to be scheduled, once again your staff was eager to accommodate our schedule and provide assistance in any way.
Matt the delivery man was extremely friendly and helpful. He is such a good driver! He can really maneuver the “Mule” in some tight spaces. Susan and I had worked extremely hard to mark where our building was to be set in our backyard. We drew a green box on the ground which lined up with the side of our house. Matt’s first attempt at setting the building couldn’t have been more than 4 inches off. I asked if he could move it over just a little bit. This was no problem for Matt, he put the building right where we wanted it; no questions asked!

I was eager to fill out the customer survey for Angie’s List, I have already put it in the mailbox for delivery. Sorry this is such a long email, but I wanted to let you know that Susan and I are very appreciative. Funds are tight for us (as is for many families) so knowing that we have a quality yard building that will last for years and having your customer service backing us up; we know we made the right choice with Classic Buildings.

Thank you so much and may God bless you and your family,
Mark Yost

Our ministry’s experience with you was a blessing straight from the heavens - Jason Neland
Classic Building Family:

Our ministry’s experience with you all: Kenneth and family, Merle, Carolyn, Josh, and the builders at Linn was a blessing straight from the heavens. What started with an hour long meeting sitting in the QT parking lot with Kenneth turned into an amazing blessing, a ministry partnership and a lifelong friendship. When we initially found out that you all would donate a building to us we were in somewhat of a state of disbelief. Then each step of the process began taking place. From phone conversations to actually sitting down and customizing the building with Merle, to delivery, each piece was perfect and blessed. This was not just a second hand building that you were trying to get off the lot, this was made and customized especially for us. A true gift!!!

I’ll never forget that moment when the building was making it’s way down the road after a crazy week long journey. Our family sprinted down the stairs and ran out to meet Josh and Merle. My kids kept asking, “How are they going to do that?”, as each step of the delivery process took place, and were amazed as Josh would bring his next tool or gadget to move this massive building.

We have already had guests come to the food pantry that has been set up inside and we are building a supply of clothes, coats, hats, gloves and blankets for those who are in need. This precious gift will be used as a tool for the Kingdom for years to come. Thank you Classic Building family, from all of us at Carry The Cross Ministries, and all of those who will benefit from your generosity!

Jason Neland

I wanted to take a chance to tell you how much better you are than your competitors - Bryan Bracken
Dear Ken,

I wanted to take a chance to tell you how much better you are than your competitors! I had purchased a 26 ft hunting cabin/shed from Derksen, the building itself was inferior, and quality was far below that of the one you just delivered to my home last week. After 2 tears it was starting to come apart at the seams, not to mention it was damaged upon arrival and was met with empty promises and Un returned calls! I am very happy with the product I purchased, and will definitely recommend you to anyone I know looking for a shed/ portable building. Also I would like you to know I work customer service and was raised my a father who made it very clear to me my entire life how important the person is, not how important the “customer” is, and the delivery driver Merle was very friendly, helpful and in my opinion an amazing asset to your team. We as Americans don’t usually make such a big deal about good customer service, but I feel that it is getting fewer and farther between when we find exceptional care, and that is what I received from your team, and thank you!

Bryan Bracken

I would like to take this opportunity to compliment your company - Tim Buehne
I would like to take this opportunity to compliment your company, and more specifically, Bill Cook. We did quite a bit of research when making a decision on purchasing our shed and it was Classic Buildings that came out on top for both quality and the customer service we expected. Bill Cook did not disappoint! He was with us throughout the entire project and was always on top of the project. I initially told Bill when we “signed on the dotted line” that I wanted to tell him what I wanted and have him “make it happen” without any headaches for me. Well, that is just what he delivered! Bill kept us informed with weekly updates (and more frequent when needed) and was on top of the next step of the project which kept things going along! Bill was on site at each step of the project. When issues arose relative to permits and inspections, Bill handled them promptly. The shed that we now have, is exactly what we wanted and the quality and craftsmanship of the finished product is just what we expected! Thanks to you, your company and Bill Cook for a job well done!


Tim Buehne, 12′ x 24′ Lofted Garden Barn

I couldn't have been more pleased with everything - Debbie

I couldn’t have been more pleased with everything! I know it took a long time from mine and my husband’s initial conversation with you to get to this point, but sometimes life takes us down a road we hadn’t intended. I never would have expected to be widowed at this time in my life and having to handle things that Don normally did, but it’s ok. I truly believe that God has lead me to good honest people to do the things I’ve needed to get done. As bad as we think the world has become, there’s still a lot of good people out there. . .you and the people you have working with you included!

I’ve been in sales all of my career and there are specific things I can point out that tells me that your business is run professionally, ethically and just doing what’s best for the customer. And, having held the position of Sales & Marketing Director for more than 20 years I can tell you that this type of business starts at the top. . .employees generally follow the direction of their leader. I’m certain that this has been the example you have set for all working with you.

Blessings always,

Your foreman Andy and crew did an awesome job and very personable - Sherri Sanders

Your follow up is extremely impressive. You, your foreman Andy and crew did an awesome job and very personable. They were very efficient and communicated with me professionally but down to earth. Salesman Bill is an asset. I have been in construction for 25+ years. I had in mind what I wanted and it was all about quality. In my search I opted to just build it myself with products of choice. Not that I wanted to build it myself but could have. I was driving down Hwy 70 and saw your store. I pulled up, walked in a few of the buildings and thought “now this is it”. A quality building with the right products. Fitting that is your company’s name.I commend you and your employees for quality product and workmanship. Customer Service is off the charts, cookies were a great added touch and this email is above and beyond.

Kudos and Thank You,

Sherri Sanders

We absolutely love our building and I can’t say enough about the craftsmanship - Trish

Thanks so much for the email. We absolutely love our building and I can’t say enough about the craftsmanship and customer experience.

When I approached Rich Elder and told him I needed this building in little more than a week he didn’t turn me away. Instead, he worked as hard as he could to see if it was a possibility to give my son the clubhouse of his dreams for his 11th birthday. You delivered a product that was beautiful, matched our home, and was constructed even better than I had hoped. The gentleman who delivered the building was incredibly professional, polite and calm. He had little more than a few inches on each side of the fence to get this building into our yard and did it without breaking a sweat. I was very impressed. (Oh, and the cookies were a lovely touch!)

My son came home to the birthday present of his dreams and we can’t get him out of the building. He sleeps in there every night and is the happiest kid you’ve ever seen. Thank you to everyone at Classic Buildings who worked so hard to make a special memory for my child and my family!


Our experience and expectations with Classic Buildings was great - Ray & Janice Gober
The comment section of your customer survey, just wasn’t big enough for my response.

Our experience and expectations with Classic Buildings was great. From our first meeting with Mark Nast at Washington, MO, who was very helpful and informative, to the end at the building site with David Shoults. The quality and workmanship are top of the line. The five Amish workers with David were amazing to watch. David was great to work with and very professional. I communicated with Andy Wolf on some of the building specifications, we had some plumbing issues, that he was very helpful with.

All in all, this was a great experience. Thanks for a great job.

Ray & Janice Gober

We were VERY IMPRESSED by the whole sales and delivery process - Betty Bulen
Good Morning to you! Hope you and your family are all doing well.

My husband and I purchased “The Barn” 10 x 12 from your Kansas City dealer on 40 Highway last week. It arrived and to say the least, my husband was VERY IMPRESSED by the whole sales and delivery process. He is NOT a person to be impressed by any means. So it is a big deal. I was at work so I did not see the barn being delivered.

My husband, Nathan was telling me about the delivery and said he had a surprise in our kitchen. I was intrigued. The plate of fresh home-made cookies was a very thoughtful gift. In this day and age of technology, it is SO NICE to have such a “Personal Touch” to a sale. It means a lot to my husband and me. Believe me, we will send referrals your way every chance we get.

I do not know how to e-mail a link to the Facebook page. But we love the cookies made by Abigail and would like the recipe.

Thank you to your ENTIRE staff and family.

P.S. Please send our THANK YOU to the entire staff and family to a job well done.

Betty Bulen

Competitive pricing, BETTER quality, and the best construction - Stephen Randolph

I thought I would take a little time this evening to assemble a testimonial about our new garden shed. If you think there’s anything here that is worthy, please feel free to pass it along to the appropriate person at Classic Buildings in Linn.

Thanks again!
See Attachment

A testimony to how awesome this company is to do business with - William Meyer
Well this is just another example of how awesome this company is to do business with. Not your typical company that sells you something and then you never hear from them again, I truly am overwhelmed by how blessed my family has been in our interactions with everyone at Classic Buildings!

See the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fddIZXiauyE

William Meyer

The building was built unbelievably well - Steve McCrary
We shopped around for a storage building. We found some cheaper, but none any better. The dealer in Joplin was courteous and very professional. The building was not only delivered on time, but built unbelievably well. It will last longer than I do, with no maintenance!! Stop shopping and just buy Classic!

Steve McCrary

Thanks so much for our whole excellent experience with you folks - Vera and Richard Schnieders
Wonderful is not sufficient to let you folks know how happy we are with our new shed, the young man that installed it was the most gracious person we have met in a looooong time. My husband parked our car so I could watch him put it in and I would never have believed the short time and perfect job he did if I had not watched him from start to finish. When we tell others about it they give us a strange look as it they don’t believe our story.

Thanks so much for our whole excellent experience with you folks.

I would be very happy to have the recipe to make cookies for my son that we almost lost in all night surgery the day we first had the shed move scheduled.

Thanks again for you folks and the wonderful service.

Vera and Richard Schnieders, Jefferson City

It is so refreshing to deal with a company that takes pride in its work - Brad Cashion
I just had to drop a note about my experience with your company. It is so refreshing to deal with a company that takes pride in its work and its reputation and isn’t out to screw anyone over. Just make an honest buck for a good honest product. My wife and I were extremely pleased with the purchase of our barn a few years ago at the home show. Two years ago, we were hit by the Good Friday F4 tornado in Bridgeton, MO. The tornado moved our shed about 6′ out of place and the only damage was one section of the back wall that was hit by a metal swimming pool. Your guys came out and on their own, replaced the whole back wall for no extra charge and painted it and then put the shed back into place. Almost exactly a year later to the date, we were hit by golf ball size hail and again, the shed held up great with just a few dents in the roof. Insurance gave us some money to replace the roof and we were trying to decide if we just wanted to fix the dented area, replace the roof or just leave it alone. Once again, Dale has exceeded our expectations on customer service and we are scheduling you to come out to replace the roof. I would recommend anyone looking into a shed/barn to really consider your product. Way to go guys!

Brad Cashion

My hat is off to all the personnel I have met at your company - Dennis Fulk
I plan to spend the day moving things from my crowded garage to that fine new shed which will also serve as a playhouse for my 3 grandchildren (pictured). You are a “stand up guy” and it does my heart good to deal with a company and an individual who really stands behind their product and back up that promise with action and not just give lip service as so many others do. Watch close because the quality of this shed and my cheerleading will eventually get you other customers in the KC market. The quality of your display sheds on your sales lot when compared to other local companies influenced me greatly to buy from Classic Buildings. The personal service I received from John and the excellent follow up provided by Carolyn Miller in his absence cinched the deal. My hat is off to all the personnel I have met at your company.

Your Fan,

Dennis Fulk

First I'd like to say thanks for the cookies! - Ed, Carrie and Eli Schlueter
Hey Classic,

First I’d like to say thanks for the cookies!

The shed is for storage but more importantly it is for my son who is almost 3 and needing a cool multi-level fort to play inside (we can’t build a tree house where we live). It is not finished but here is the framework. So far, he loves it and all the neighbors are jealous. I am very quick to hand out your information. However, I’ll pass out more of your business cards for cookies ?

Feel free to share the pictures if you’d like.
Ed, Carrie and Eli Schlueter (another baby next week)

We look forward to enjoying our new cabin for many years to come - Alan Angiocchi
Dear Kenneth,

My wife Paula and I recently purchased a Classic Building Country Barn. We had erected on our lot at Woodland Lakes just south of Sullivan Missouri. Our plan is to use the building as a year round camping cabin. We want to relay to you the pleasant experience we have had dealing with Classic Buildings.

Scott Murphy was extremely helpful and accommodating. Scott took time on a Sunday morning and drove to Sullivan to make sure that we had the stakes properly located on our lot and ensure that the grade was workable. He recommended an individual to do the leveling and provide rock foundation for the cabin; that work was done very well. Scott has been upfront and forthright in all our dealings.

We can’t say enough about Andy and Chris the two young men who built the cabin. Scott explained that it would be a two day build. I was expecting that a good portion of the walls etc. would have been prefabricated at your shop. I was very surprised to see that the roof trusses were the only things preassembled.

Andy and Chris were well organized, worked well together and wasted no time during the build. In fact, they skipped lunch the second day in an effort to attempt to finish on time.

Of real importance was the focus on customer satisfaction. I made a last minute request to add tar paper on the roof, and Andy replied, “No problem”. Whenever I had a question, Andy explained it without hesitation.

I am extremely satisfied with the overall quality of the building. The wood was straight and of good quality. No corners were cut to safe time or money. The windows and door appear to be good quality units. Overall, we find the quality of the building to excellent and would not hesitate to recommend Classic Buildings to our friends and family.

Please let your team know that they have a very satisfied customer. We look forward to enjoying our new cabin for many years to come.


Alan Angiocchi

By far the Classic Buildings product stood above the rest - Kenneth Barrows
I recently became the owner of a 12X16 storage shed from Classic Buildings and couldn’t be more pleased with the process to purchase the shed and product itself. From “Go to Whoa” the sales person, staff at Classic Buildings and delivery folks were knowledgeable, personable and professional. I also did research and comparison-shopped at local shed dealers and by far the Classic Buildings product stood above the rest (value for the dollar). Combine a great product with professional, courteous staff and you have a very pleased customer!

Kenneth Barrows

My entire experience with Classic Buildings was exceptional - Mary Buchanan
My Classic Building was delivered today and I could not be happier! Nick, the delivery guy was excellent from his personality to his expertise. My building was delivered on time and the driver was very, very pleasant.

Nick was outstanding, he joked with my Grandkids and explained the process step by step. They watched the entire process from arrival to the final touches and were amazed. I was amazed at the talent Nick showed in every way; the best word to describe him and his work is “outstanding”!

My entire experience with Classic Buildings was exceptional; I will recommend them to anybody.

We love our new Classic Building and were using it shortly after Nick had it all set up. The cookies were delicious and a super special treat.

Thank You Classic Buildings,

Mary Buchanan

In a word.... 'WOW' - Betsy Woodruff
In a word…. “WOW”! I contacted Classic Buildings through an ad on Craigslist for a gently used horse/run-in shed. From the first contact through delivery of my building yesterday, the folks at Classic Buildings were absolutely fantastic. They were professional, courteous, highly responsive,extremely accommodating, and just plain “nice.” It was obvious they wanted to sell me the shed and they were going to make sure that I knew exactly what I was buying and that I was completely satisfied with my purchase. It was also clear that it didn’t matter to them that I was buying a small used shed and not a brand new, custom building. Once the purchase was complete, the shed was delivered and the delivery receipt was signed, the driver handed me a plate full of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies just to say “thank you.” I’m not sure when… if ever… I’ve experienced customer service quite like that. Oh, and the shed? It’s even nicer than I expected. A great product at a great price with great customer service. On a scale of 1-10, these guys are off the chart.

Thank you, Classic Buildings!

Betsy Woodruff (Columbia, MO)

You were so helpful getting the shed to be just what we wanted - Rick Franklin
Dear Kenneth and the Whole Crew at Classic Buildings,

WOW! What a wonderful and surprising course of events! I can’t believe I won such a beautiful (and classy) shed. This whole experience has been almost unreal. I was in the market for a shed, so I signed up as a lark, never thinking it would be possible to win. It is still almost too hard to believe.

Working with you, Kenneth, was wonderful. You were so helpful getting the shed to be just what we wanted. And it turned out to be just that. It is made so well and is so sturdy, besides being so pretty. (Is that okay to say about a shed?) Your company produces such a quality storage building! You can tell that quality went into it because quality just shines through it. Even the delivery was a class act. All of you do a great job. You have a good crew working for you.

Thank you so very much for the fantastic shed and the marvelous experience. I will highly recommend you to everyone who is looking for a new shed.


Rick Franklin

We must tell you how pleased we are with our purchase - Ralph W. & Emma VanGennip
Dear Ken

We just had our 12 X 28 Garage delivered yesterday. We must tell you how pleased we are with our purchase and Classic Buildings. The quality of materials used and their application were as good or better on the delivered product as was used on the display which is what sold me on your product when we purchased.

We made our purchase from Mark at the St. Charles Sales Lot, who was very helpful in explaining the product, as was Dale at the plant who walked us through the final details before construction to arranging delivery…. we had a good experience.

Your Installer, Josh, is a very pleasant and efficient worker and your method of delivery and setup is state of the art. The delivery and setup of the building was a real ‘production’ which I filmed a good part of, plus some still pictures. Josh made things look so easy. Then as a finale here comes Josh with the completely unexpected, (Classic Touch)

Thank you very much MS. Abigail, for the Classic touch, it took us totally by surprise. Was not expecting it, but it was very good and we are grateful.

The best to you, your family and your business venture.


Ralph W. & Emma VanGennip, St. Charles Missouri

I couldn't build one of that quality for what we spent - Keith Fredericksen
Dear Mr. Miller,

We’ve looked at buildings off and on for years, from a number of different companies, and we usually pick them apart. We’ve always walked away thinking “I’d rather just build my own than buy one where cutting corners were so obvious”. And we did. We just went ahead and built 2 of our own. I viewed some of your sheds in Southwest Missouri and was extremely impressed in the quality. Everything from the quality of the paint, hardware, studs being where they should be, it was what I expected. When mine showed up (I had not seen one with the red paint) I was amazed. This is the first time I looked at a shed and realized that I couldn’t build one of that quality for what we spent on it. Since it showed up, we’ve built a roughly 6×8 ramp on the front (built just like the ones I’ve seen outside your buildings), run electrical through the whole thing, and installed lighting.

Keith Fredericksen

I could not be more impressed with my new shed - Mark Barnard
DeaKenneth, I could not be more impressed with my new shed. From my experience so far you run a top notch company. From your sales staff to the installers it was my pleasure to do business with you. I would recommend that anyone in the Champaign/Urbana IL that needs a building to get it from your company. You should know that one of the most amazing parts of this entire build was what your installer told me before they left. That was that this was there very first on-site build. If he had not told me that I would have thought those 2 guys had been doing this for a very long time.

I plan to get the word out as much as I can. If you have any folks from my area that would like to see a shed they can make arrangements to see mine. No need to travel… It will look much better this Summer after I have the time to landscape around it.

You have little to no competition in this area. Here is the website of your competitor. I could not do business with this individual, even though I tried. Just so you know I saved over a Thousand Dollars by choosing your product over the above for the exact same product.


I have attached the pictures of my shed and you can feel free to post them on Facebook. If you chop of the part about the competitor you can post my comments as well.

Thanks again for the great job and the excellent product. I didn’t send in the comment cards because everyone exceeded my highest expectations.

Mark Barnard, Champaign IL

God to bless you and your business beyond your wildest dreams - Greg Spink
Dear Howard,

I wanted to take a few minutes first of all to tell you how happy I am with the building I purchased from your company this past summer. Before we purchased it, it served as a great use to our church when you allowed us to borrow it for three months to store supplies and people’s belongings after the May 22nd tornado. My wife and I had been looking for a storage building for our backyard and were probably going to buy a kit and try to build our own to save money. However, after your unbelievably generous gift we decided to pay more and buy one of the buildings off of our church lot.

I was impressed when the four buildings showed up. We didn’t call and ask for them. Instead, you saw a need in your community and addressed it before we even knew to ask. What an incredible blessing. It didn’t take us long to fill those four buildings up. I called you and thanked you for your gift, and let you know they were all full and how much we appreciated them and four more showed up. Our whole church body was blown away.

Thank you again for the use of the 8 buildings you put on our property. I’m telling everyone I come into contact with about your generosity and the fact that you went above and beyond every time we turned around. If there is ever anything we can do as a church to help you, please don’t hesitate to let us know. In the meantime, I’m praying for God to bless you and your business beyond your wildest dreams.

Because He Lives,

Greg Spink – Senior Pastor Mt Hope Church of Christ

GWe had an outstanding experience from the moment we walked in the door - Pat Chollet
We have and will continue to recommend your company to anyone and everyone we can think of that may need a building. We simply cannot say enough good things about what a great addition to our property our cabin has become. We had an outstanding experience from the moment we walked in the door of your company and it continues each time we use our building.

Thanks so much to you and your great crew!!


Pat Chollet, St. Louis MO

We have never experienced as good of service as your company - Robin McKinnon
Dear Classic Builders,

I just wanted to thank your company and the two gentleman that came out to our place to install our Barn Shed.

They both worked so hard and completed the installation in one day!!

My husband and I have worked with many contractors and have never experienced as good of service as your company.

PS Thanks for the cookies they were wonderful!!

Robin McKinnon

Allow me to congratulate you on your employees - David L. Cunningham
Dear Mr. Kenneth Miller:

On December thirteenth I took delivery of Building ID # 3634. The building is very well made. My neighbors think it is very attractive. I think it is very appealing.

Allow me to congratulate you on your employees. The day was cold with a brisk wind. The weather did not deter Ivan and Jason. Additionally, the space allocated for the shed was very limited. The shed had only an inch on two sides. The top of the shed had only a fraction of an inch clearance. Ivan placed the shed just where I wanted it. When admirers of the shed ask, “How did they get the shed in place?’ I reply, “They refuse to accept defeat!”

With the foregoing there was some minor damage to the shed With repairs to be made, I requested another window to be put in the shed at that time. Dale called and informed me that the repairs and the window I had requested would not require an additional compensation.

Again, excellent workmanship, with direct attention to the task at hand was completed Daniel Beachy.

Once more accept my complements on your selection of an excellent employee organization. I am very pleased with the Classic Building Shed.

David L. Cunningham

Good cookies and a new tool shed all in one day - Don Frentzel
Dear Ken;

Just a short note to let you know how pleased I am. First of all, when we placed the order Scott Murphy was very helpful and made it a point to provide information of all possible options.

Dale (never remembered his last name) followed through with updating me on the time line. That was most helpful as I had to tear down the old shed and store the contents while the new shed arrived.

The crew that responded to build the shed was most professional in every aspect. They were respectful, courteous and completed the build quickly and effectually.

The cookies put you guys over the top. Never had anything that. Good cookies and a new tool shed all in one day.

Since the shed was built I have installed windows, shutters, shelves and have moved all the yard tools in. I’m a happy guy.

Don Frentzel

When you say customer satisfaction is your #1 goal you really mean it - Mark and Linda Surmeier
It’s been a pleasure doing business with you. Here’s a picture of me in front of the cabin after your team handed me the keys yesterday afternoon. I didn’t have time to closely inspect it, but the professionalism of your work crew was amazing. We had neighbors and other building crews stopping in to comment on how fast work was progressing and about how good everything looks.

I’ll send more pictures when we get the trim painted and landscaping done later this spring. Also, Special thanks to Duane for helping me get the piers dug and poured Monday. I had the gas-powered hole digger and bags of cement, but didn’t think the temperature would warm up enough to pour. It got to about 35 degrees and we worked quickly to get the cement in the holes. When you say customer satisfaction is your #1 goal you really mean it. I guarantee I’ll recommend you to everyone I meet that is interested in shed/garage/cabin construction!

Mark and Linda Surmeier

I appreciate being treated as if I were your only customer - Russell J. Murray
Dear Sirs:

I just finished putting in the replacement lock you kindly sent at no charge. As I was doing so, it gave me time to reflect on my experiences with your company.

From your help in selecting the right building for our needs, being so accommodating when we changed the color of the building, delivery and set up, and now replacing the lock, all aspects of our treatment have been rust class. I appreciate being treated as if I were your only customer, allowing as much time as needed to reach a decision.

We are so pleased with our purchase. Thank you.

Russell J. Murray – Holts Summit, Missouri

Great company to deal with - Larry Hesskamp
Great company to deal with and all employees have exceptional knowledge of products and how to treat customers.

Larry Hesskamp – Warrenton MO

You are an old time honest businessman - Anonymous

Thank you sir; for the $100 refund. You are an old time honest businessman, not always seen nowadays. I will buy a smaller building from you when I can afford it.

Anonymous – Dixon MO

It was a pleasure working with confident and qualified people - Mike Dinello
We selected Classic Building for a yard storage building. We are very pleased with a company and their product. From the beginning, the sales people listened to exactly what we were looking for in a building. Once the order was placed we were contacted by a design and production team member, Classic Building guided us through the order and confirmation process. They answered any questions that I had.

We had a structure design change , Classic building accommodated and worked with us on the changes too. When our building was finished, we were contact by a transportation team person to schedule the delivery.

It was a pleasure working with confident and qualified people. The workmanship and materials are second to none, We have a hand built quality building for the price of a prefabricated structure. I would recommend Classic building to anyone who requires a a building for storage, recreation or whatever your needs are.

Your process and methods of doing business has to be commended. Keep up the good work.

Mike Dinello – Wentzville MO

Thanks again and tell the folks in your shop ..... great job - Bob McGough

Just a note to tell you how pleased we are with the 20ft x 32 ft building you built for us.

It’s still hard to believe that in less than one day your crew delivered the two halves you built in your shop, attached them, and we had a new building. ………. Amazing.

If we would have had it built on the sight we’d still be waiting for it to be completed!

Thanks again and tell the folks in your shop ….. great job!

Bob McGough – St. Charles, Mo. 63303

I was truly satisfied with their top-notch service! — Erin Geiser

At Friends Furrever, we provide dog and cat grooming services that make your animals look as beautiful as ever. As part of our goal of making your dogs and cats happy, we decided to open a one-person grooming salon.

This led us to Classic Buildings, where we bought the 14×20 Breckenridge, so we could open a one-person grooming salon.
Our experience purchasing from Classic Buildings was amazing. It was great and easy. They answered all of my questions and also provided a smooth delivery.

I was truly satisfied with their top-notch service!

Erin Geiser, Friends Furrever

The company was friendly, customer-oriented, and professional! — Bryan McGraw

My main need for a building was to store my two Model T cars.
Initially, I was going to build the building on my own, but this task proved to be too hard and challenging to do without any help. Also, the process turned out to be more expensive than I had initially anticipated. So, I stopped by the Classic Buildings office in Arnold, MO.

There, I had a fantastic interaction with one of the sales representatives. He walked me through all the options Classic Buildings offers, and I discovered that I could have a building that could house my antique cars for way cheaper.

After I visited the Arnold office, I was invited to an open house in central-Missouri, where I ended up buying a 14×40 garage. I’m so pleased with my building and experience with Classic Buildings.
The company was friendly, customer-oriented, and professional!

— Bryan McGraw

My experience with Classic Buildings was great! — Dennis Doerring

About a year ago, I needed a building to store my tractors, and without a doubt, I knew Classic Buildings would be the perfect place for me to get one.

The building I purchased looks like a barn and is oversized (14×22) enough to accommodate my tractor and leave extra space! It has a roll-up garage door and folding doors in the front that also have windows.

My experience with Classic Buildings was great! The guys were receptive to any issues that came up and reacted very well. Delivery was also done properly and professionally. I really can’t fault anything in the process!

— Dennis Doerring

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