See below for the best pool shed designs that will help inspire you for your own upcoming backyard project! If you are looking for more ways to get the most out of your pool this summer, you can check out our gallery of versatile portable buildings and sheds, or contact us to learn more!


14 Pool Shed Designs That Will Inspire You This Summer


1. Beautiful Pool Shed & Hangout Space


This amazing pool shed has a place to eat, a bathroom inside, and room for storage; Image source: neals.com


If you are looking for something a little more than a storage shed, this beautiful pool shed design includes everything your guests need – a bathroom, a space to change, a hangout spot in the shade, and lots of storage space to keep pool equipment and fun outdoor activities. You can check out more pictures of this shed at Neals.com!


2. Adorable Ultra Series


The Ultra Series by Classic Buildings has lots of windows and looks great – making it the perfect addition to any yard


This grey shed with white trim will look great in nearly every yard – and works perfectly as a pool shed. The Ultra Series shed has many windows and two doors – one on the side and one on the back. This makes it ideal if you plan to use your shed for more than one purpose use (e.g. a change room on one side and storage on the other)


3. Mini House By The Pool


The pool shed blends perfectly into its surroundings; Image source: Pinterest.com


This small but fully functional pool shed shows just how much you can do with a smaller space and smarter design. It looks perfectly integrated into the rest of the yard, as the wrought fence surrounds it and a beautiful garden has been landscaped around it. The flowers in the window boxes also add a splash of color!


4. Comfortable Pool Cabin


This shed is used as an office – but could easily be the perfect pool shed; Image source: decorydeas.com


This home office shed makes our top pool shed designs list as its style and shape can be the perfect inspiration for your own pool shed. This shed is basically a gazebo and a shed combined with its covered outdoor seating area. This outdoor seating section makes it ideal for parents watching their kids splash around in the pool, or as a retreat in the shade after an afternoon spent in the sun.


5. Small But Mighty


This custom, narrow shed by Classic Buildings is perfect for yards with limited space


For some backyards, the pool makes take up a majority of free space. However, that doesn’t mean you can have a pool shed! This small, custom-made shed by Classic Buildings is the perfect solution to tight and narrow spaces. With the right shelves and storage accessories, it can even be used as a combination storage + changeroom area.


6. Simple Shed By The Pool


The classic white shed is simple yet stylish – and definitely practical; Image source: thisoldhouse.com


The simple shed design featured on This Old House matches its surroundings, as the style of the roof appears to be a similar shape to the nearby gazebo and the shape of the pool! Its light color matches the stone around the pool, while the blue door ties together the shed with the color of the water. It is a simple design but looks perfectly suited for this yard!


7. Full Pool Cabana


You can convert a shed into a full cabana to create a backyard oasis; Image source: Poolcraft.ca


This pool cabana can give great inspiration for what you can create out of your own pool shed. Many sheds can be easily converted in a full or partial cabana – and some shed companies will even help you create a custom-made cabana/pool shed that is perfect for your needs. No matter what you decide, I think we can all agree that this is a beautiful pool shed design that’s perfect for hosting day or night!


8. Country Cottage Pool House


This Country Cottage portable building model comes with a built-in porch, a loft for storage, and other features perfect for use as a pool shed!


Looking for a perfect, ready-made pool house? If you want to get more from your pool shed, consider something like the design above. This Country Cottage is the perfect design for a pool house as it comes standard with a porch, multiple windows, a front door, and perfect room for storage in the loft above. Plus, its quaint and attractive appearance will definitely ‘wow’ your guests!


9. Shed & Deck Combo


This cozy space is ideal for larger yard with room for both a shed and pool deck; Image source: thisoldhouse.com


A deck around or close to your pool makes the best hangout space – why not add a pool shed to make it even better? This beautiful shed overlooks this wonderful wooden deck, complete with lots of seating, tables, decor, and a BBQ. If you want to host a lot of get-togethers, a pool shed + deck combo is the perfect space for your family and friends!


10. Luxurious Outdoor Kitchen


This custom shed contains a room indoors as well as a luxurious outdoor kitchen; Image source: blog.kloterfarms.com


If you have space in your yard for something a bit bigger, this great pool shed design by Kloter Farms shows another way you can get creative with your own pool shed! This beautiful pool shed contains a partially-enclosed outdoor kitchen. This makes it a great tool for hosting parties and events, ensuring you won’t have to constantly run in and out of your house!


11. Rustic Shed With Double Doors


This pool shed perfectly combines rustic and modern elements; Image source: Pinterest.com


This simple yet highly attractive pool shed sits close to the pool and features two separate doors plus a large window. This is a great example of what you can do with almost any backyard shed – there’s not much that makes this shed any different from your average storage shed. It just goes to show that you can easily convert a storage shed into a pool shed with a few modifications!


12. Pool & Guest House


This pool house also functions as a guest house; Image source: timbarberltd.com


If you have guests visit regularly and just don’t have space for a guest bedroom in your home, many homeowners opt to go with a small guest house/pool house for their backyard. This open-concept pool/guest house from timbarberltd.com can help give homeowners the inspiration needed to create their own beautiful pool house with space for guests!


13. Quaint Pool Shed


This quaint shed has pink doors for a pop of color


This simple, practical, yet attractive Garden Cottage shed design makes a great choice for a pool shed. Whether you plan to use it only for storage or if you want to create a change room or guest space – this design will look great by your pool. The ramp also helps when moving heavy or wheeled equipment in and out of your shed!


14. Studio Shed


The studio Shed makes an excellent space for storage and more in your yard


If you are looking for a versatile option for your new pool shed, a design like the Studio Series will meet all of your needs. It makes the perfect pool house with its large windows and beautiful front door. Many pool sheds have a rustic or traditional look to them, but that is not everyone’s taste! This shed provides a modern aesthetic, and will look great in backyards of many different styles!


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