Chateau Series

Country Cottage

The Country Cottage is the perfect choice for a weekend or guest cabin. There’s a great storage area over the porch, and it has a cathedral ceiling. Place it in the woods, and it becomes a perfect hunting cabin, or set it by the pool to use as a pool house.


  • 7’ 4” Sidewalls
  • House Door with Window
  • Chateau Trim Design
  • Cathedral Ceiling
  • 4″ Overhang on all Sides
  • Your Choice of Colors
  • Shingle Roof
  • Advantech Flooring


  • 30 x 36 Insulated Windows
  • 4′ Porch with railing
  • Ridge Ventilation
  • Vented Dripedge
  • Insulated Floor
  • Metal Roof
I couldn't have been more pleased with everything - Debbie

I couldn’t have been more pleased with everything! I know it took a long time from mine and my husband’s initial conversation with you to get to this point, but sometimes life takes us down a road we hadn’t intended. I never would have expected to be widowed at this time in my life and having to handle things that Don normally did, but it’s ok. I truly believe that God has lead me to good honest people to do the things I’ve needed to get done. As bad as we think the world has become, there’s still a lot of good people out there. . .you and the people you have working with you included!

I’ve been in sales all of my career and there are specific things I can point out that tells me that your business is run professionally, ethically and just doing what’s best for the customer. And, having held the position of Sales & Marketing Director for more than 20 years I can tell you that this type of business starts at the top. . .employees generally follow the direction of their leader. I’m certain that this has been the example you have set for all working with you.

Blessings always,

Contact your local building specialist for additional customization options.

Available Sizes

10 x 16 12 x 28 14 x 32
12 x 16 12 x 32 14 x 40
12 x 20 14 x 24  
12 x 24 14 x 28  

Floor Width Information

10’ wides are 10’
12’ wides are 11’ 8”
14’ wides are 14’

Door & Window Options

Siding, Roofing & Paint Options

Shed Accessories

  • Ramps
  • Radiant Heat Barrier Walls and Roof
  • Transom Windows in Doors
  • Shelving and Work Bench
  • Shutters
  • Door Keepers
  • Extra Heavy Duty Floor
  • Small Electrical Package
  • Flower Boxes
  • Insulated Floor
  • Vented Drip Edge
  • Loft Door
  • Lofts
  • Vented Sky Lights

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