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Shed Stories – Mazzio’s Pizza

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Mazzio’s Pizza loves the extra storage space from Classic Buildings


Mazzio’s Pizza uses their Classic Buildings shed as extra storage for all of their dry goods, chemicals, cups, plates, napkins, extra supply boxes, to-go containers, and basically anything that they need to secure that’s not in their main building.

When asked what they liked most about their new portable building from Classic, they replied that they like that it has a lot of space, it’s very secure, well-built, very durable, and has high ceilings that are great for stacking all of their dry goods. This storage building gives them the much needed extra space for all the items that they need to store inside.

Their need for the extra storage space was so great that as soon as their new Classic shed was delivered, they filled it to the brim.


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Mazzio’s Pizza found that working with the building specialists at Classic Buildings was very quick and easy. Nobody was bothering them throughout the building process; Classic took care of business, got what they needed, and figured out their needs.

The Classic Buildings employees asked Mazzio’s lots of questions about what they needed in a storage building and, as a result, Mazzio’s has happily reported back that they received exactly what they needed!

Mazzio’s Pizza got exactly what they needed!



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