Free Site Evaluation: That’s Part of “The Classic Difference”

When you choose Classic Buildings, you receive a free site evaluation. That’s the Classic Difference. It’s another reason why our customers are not only fans but they’re raving fans.

What Your Free Site Evaluation Includes

A Local Building Specialist Will Visit Your Site to Determine the Best Location

One of our highly trained Building Specialists will come to your home or site that you have chosen to locate your new building to inspect it before it is delivered or constructed. We will help you determine and envision the best spot for your building and make sure that there is enough room to bring it safely into your backyard.

The Specialist Will Measure the Grade with a Laser Transit

Our portable building specialist will accurately measure the grade of your site with a special laser transit. They will make sure that your storage shed is set in a spot that doesn’t cause problems such as having the door too high off the ground for easy access in and out.

Classic’s Free Site Evaluation

Another reason why Classic has more testimonials than anyone else in the industry.

Set an Appointment for an On-Site Evaluation

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