10,000 Customers!

We are now featured live with Infusionsoft. Check it out! Our success story is live! Go to http://www.infusionsoft.com/10K and either click on Kenneth Millers photo or his name at the bottom of the page to read our success story.

Linn High School FFA

Here is my weekly update on the guys at Linn High School FFA! They are not only learning about building but also about working as a “Team”


The tree’s are starting to change for Fall and it is absolutely beautiful already! Here’s a photo of my Red Maple, everyday it changes so much, hope you all enjoy. Mark, I hope this makes you smile!

What’s in a 2X4?

If you ever wonder why Classic Buildings are so much more sturdy, you need only take a look at our 2×4’s. Our 2×4 studs, joists and trusses are all made from “4-square” lumber.  This means that all 4 sides of every board have a square...