FB Review - Lake Cabin

We absolutely love our building and I can’t say enough about the craftsmanship and customer experience with Classic Buildings, LLC.
When I approached Rich Eldridge and told him I needed this building in little more than a week he didn’t turn me away. Instead, he worked as hard as he could to see if it was a possibility to give my son the clubhouse of his dreams for his 11th birthday. You delivered a product that was beautiful, matched our home, and was constructed even better than I had hoped. The gentleman who delivered the building was incredibly professional, polite and calm. He had little more than a few inches on each side of the fence to get this building into our yard and did it without breaking a sweat. I was very impressed. (Oh, and the cookies were a lovely touch!)
My son came home to the birthday present of his dreams and we can’t get him out of the building. He sleeps in there every night and is the happiest kid you’ve ever seen. Thank you to everyone at Classic Buildings who worked so hard to make a special memory for my child and my family!

Trish Cheatham

FB Review - Tony Chirillo

I am a first time customer in Columbia, MO. When I first saw the delivery truck pull up with my garden shed, all I could say was: “Wow! What a fantastic looking building!” The quality of craftsmanship was remarkable, and puts to shame the wooden storage buildings found at Home Depot, Lowes, Menards, etc. Neighbors were even impressed with the building, the delivery and setup process. Job well done! I was even given a dozen chocolate chip cookies as a token of appreciation for my business. Columbia, Mo should be a huge market for Classic Buildings. For local construction – carpentry businesses did not want to give us the time of day to build us a garden shed nor want to take our money. I luckily came across Classic Buildings for the win! If you need a storage building and you live in Columbia, Mo – go to Classic Buildings and talk to Jim Meloy. Tell him Tony sent ya!

Tony Chirillo

FB Review - Donna Park

Love my new storage building! Bryan came out a couple of times to go over my options. I wasn't quite ready the 1st time and he never pressured me to make the purchase sooner than I did. The building is well made and has a lot of room for all my things!

Donna Park

FB Review - Richard Kraus

We are enjoying our larger garden shed. The Quality and workmanship is exceptional. Are very pleased with the salesman and the owner with handling the sale and the delivery of the shed. The ramp going to the shed was a little short. Ken Mueller called and we discussed getting a longer ramp. He said he would get me a longer ramp with no charge. I was very pleased with the service provided.

Richard Kraus

Jan Bradley
Jan Bradley
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Awesome service !
Dustin Brown
Dustin Brown
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These guys are top notch professionals and concerned with detail and quality. Blessing yo have them in business!
Lewis Goldberg
Lewis Goldberg
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Got a new shed here after a falling tree flattened my old one. Thayne was extremely helpful in getting everything ordered right. We like our shed very much and highly recommend this company.
M Frank
M Frank
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Excellent experience from order to delivery! Best built portable building around!
Steven Bacon
Steven Bacon
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I purchased a 10X12 storage shed from Classic because I needed some extra storage after building my new one level home. I have to say I am beyond impressed and one happy customer! This building is so solid, and I never thought I would see a pair of barn doors that fit this well and give me confidence that it is secure. The locking system and handle are top quality, not to mention the stationary door has two latches one on top and another at the bottom to ensure the door is secure. All of the construction 2X4's are on 16" ctr even in the roof! This will allow me to eventually insulate later and even heat and cool it. They provide touch up paint with the building too. I ordered mine with a metal roof and in colors that match my new home. The delivery was really an experience, this man knew exactly what he was doing and set the building exactly where I wanted it, this was one man that delivered it! I would recommend this company to anyone who wants a quality custom built building.
Kim Woodruff
Kim Woodruff
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Your staff is very friendly and helpful! Shed was delivered when promised and is beautiful. Thank you!
David Lepley
David Lepley
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I brought 2 bldgs and were very satisfied with both. Delivery guys were excellent and Stephen the salesman was great. Everyone I talked to at classic bldgs in Linn were very polite. Thank you

Customer Stories


Earl & Vickie Papst

Their journey with Classic Buildings began in July 2023, marking the culmination of a decade-long dream. Their aim was not merely to acquire a shed but to find a sanctuary for cherished memories. During a recent interview, Vickie passionately expressed, 'I hate calling it a shed. It's not just a shed; it's so much more than that.'

The poignant story unfolds earlier in the spring when Vickie's mother passed away, leaving behind a 1920s Ford Model A lovingly restored by her father decades ago. Before her mother's passing, joyrides in this vintage gem, reaching a modest 45 miles per hour, were a cherished tradition....READ MORE

Stuart Fedt

Our connection began at the Olathe store lot and through a satisfied neighbor. The decision to choose us was fueled by the superior quality of Tuff, local construction expertise, and a quicker delivery timeline, arriving 2-3 weeks sooner. The delivery process was efficient, taking only 45 minutes, with meticulous attention to leveling the building. Carolyn, our staff member, excelled in clear communication, explaining the unique aspects that set us apart. The design process was swift and comprehensible. As the project concluded, punctuality was a standout feature, requiring minimal personal time investment. The overall experience reflected efficiency, quality, and effective communication.


David Loaiza

Discovered Classic Buildings through a pavilion purchase 2-3 years ago. Chose for local shopping, prioritizing quality and workmanship. The staff was informative, addressing queries promptly, and ensuring the building was leveled accurately. Todd's personal follow-ups added a reassuring touch, aligning with the envisioned project. Excited about future collaborations. Project completion garnered satisfaction from clients, attracting interest. The user-friendly personal touch was added to the building post-purchase, and there's enthusiasm for potential display opportunities.

Mike & Angie Hardison

Mike and Angie Hardison praised the company's commitment to excellence. Guided by Rich McCafferty at the Kansas City location, the experience highlighted Classic Buildings' knack for quality, clear communication, and genuine customer care.

From the start, Rich's expertise made the process a breeze, ensuring a custom garage that perfectly suited the customers' needs. Choosing Classic Buildings was a no-brainer, thanks to their visible craftsmanship and refusal to cut corners.

The post-order experience was equally impressive. A call from the factory within just a few days to set a delivery date showcased their commitment to swift and efficient service. Throughout the build, Classic Buildings maintained transparency, sending regular updates and even sweetening the process with homemade treats.

As the completion date neared, the team confirmed the delivery details, and the customers couldn't be happier with the entire journey. Classic Buildings didn't just meet expectations; they exceeded them.

Angie and Mike believe that Classic Buildings stands out for reliability and customer centricity. From design discussions with Rich to the seamless garage delivery, every step reflects the company's dedication to craftsmanship and customer satisfaction. 


David & Nina Parkhurst 

David had a need for a shed in order to remove a lot of the stuff that was in his shop. His shed, a 12×20 Barn-style, made the talk of the neighborhood as soon as the driver put the building on his property.

He was already getting compliments on it, and everyone noticed how good it really looked next to his shop. His shop is a classic red and white metal building. David was impressed that we were able to match the colors almost perfectly to his shop. It’s one of the reasons it looks so good. But more importantly, David appreciated the easiness of the whole process.

“From start to finish, an absolutely flawless experience!” J.R. was great to deal with. From the time we first visited their location in Linn MO to the day they delivered our shed, it was the easiest process ever.” - David Parkhurst

Not only that, David was highly impressed by the skill of the driver to be able to go over and around rough terrain to get the building exactly where he wanted it. He also appreciated the patience of the staff that helped him fully explain what he was getting.

To David, it’s more than just a great shed, it was a great experience. 

Mike Rich

After admiring Classic Buildings sheds for some time, our customer, Mike Rich, was convinced they were the best-built options available. Upon deciding to make a purchase, Mike reached out to Brent at the St. Charles location. From the initial conversation, Brent provided invaluable assistance, guiding Mike through the process effortlessly.

Once the size was determined to meet his needs, they began exploring available options. Mike was pleasantly surprised to find that Classic Buildings offered the same roof shingles and siding color as his house, ensuring a seamless integration with his property's aesthetic.

With all details sorted and the price agreed upon, attention turned to scheduling the delivery. Despite being about six weeks out, the delivery date was set for December 27, 2023. However, with inclement weather looming, Mike reached out to the driver, Nelson, and they decided to postpone by a week.

On January 3, Nelson arrived with three sheds on his truck. Equipped with a mini fork truck, he expertly unloaded the shed and maneuvered it to the back of Mike's property, placing it precisely where marked. Not a single blade of grass was disturbed, and the entire process was completed in less than an hour.

Throughout the entire journey, Classic Buildings kept Mike informed, providing updates on the building's whereabouts and other necessary information. The communication was seamless, and the entire experience couldn't have been easier.

Mike wholeheartedly recommends Classic Buildings to anyone in need of a storage shed or any kind of outbuilding. Their professionalism, attention to detail, and commitment to customer satisfaction make them a standout choice in the industry. He extends his gratitude to Classic Buildings for delivering not just a shed, but a hassle-free experience from start to finish.


Harold & Vickie Flynn

Harold and Vicky Flynn of St. Charles, Mo., recently purchased a spacious 12' x 16' building from Classic Buildings and couldn't be happier. From their salesperson, Brent Ozenkowski, to Carolyn, Keith, Dale, Adam, and founder Ken, they were treated with utmost respect and courtesy throughout. The little red barn, complete with a loft, exceeded their expectations in quality and functionality. They were impressed by the great warranty and top-grade materials.  

David and Nina were also very appreciative of the 11% rebate that was allotted to them, and were grateful that the Classic Buildings team was able to walk them through applying and getting approved with their rebate. 

Harold and Vicky highly recommend Classic Buildings for anyone in search of a reliable storage solution. Thank you, Classic Buildings, for an exceptional experience!

Michael Perrot

Micheal expressed immense satisfaction with their experience at Classic Buildings, particularly with the assistance provided by the sales rep from the Kansas City location. They commended the employee's professionalism, helpfulness, and extensive knowledge throughout their interaction. What impressed them the most about Classic Buildings was the wide range of options available, including both pre-built and customizable sheds.

Despite having three decades of construction experience, the customer found that opting for a Classic Buildings shed was more cost-efficient than building one themselves. They highlighted the superior quality of Classic Buildings' sheds compared to similar products from other distributors.

The delivery process left the customer in awe, as it exceeded their expectations. Even their neighbors were captivated by the building, with many stopping by to inquire about the shed. Living in a sociable neighborhood, the attention the shed received added to the customer's overall satisfaction.

Micheal said he highly recommends Classic Buildings and looks forward to utilizing their services again in the future. With their new shed in place, they can now happily reclaim their garage for parking, a significant improvement in their storage situation.


David Ellsworth

The excitement over their new work shed from Classic Buildings was fun to see for this customer. From the outset, their connection with the Sales Representative assured them they were in capable hands.

With minimal wait time, they were able to prepare the site with poured piers in anticipation of delivery day. Smooth delivery operations were a testament to Classic Buildings' efficiency.

The standout feature, according to the customer, is the quality of the build, which they highly recommend. They've enjoyed the process of customizing the building and are currently arranging for electricity installation, all in pursuit of realizing Dave's early retirement dream.

Overall, the customer expresses gratitude to Classic Buildings for their role in bringing this dream to fruition.

Holly Frieden

Holly had always dreamed of building a custom structure in her backyard to serve as a garden shed and a cozy shelter for her two pet donkeys. When she decided to move forward with the project, she chose Classic Buildings for the job. From the very beginning, Holly was impressed by the company's commitment to quality.

Classic Buildings utilized a sophisticated 3D computer program that allowed Holly to design and visualize the structure in precise detail, right down to the last hinge. This feature made the process not only easy but also exciting for her, as she could see her vision come to life before construction even began.

Throughout the entire process, Holly appreciated the transparency in pricing. There were no hidden costs, and everything was clearly laid out for her. This honesty and straightforwardness solidified her trust in the company.

Thanks to the excellent workmanship and the seamless experience, Holly was thrilled with the final product. Her garden shed was perfect, and her two donkeys had a wonderful new home. She knew without a doubt that if she ever needed another custom-building, she would work with Classic Buildings again in a heartbeat.

Jason Portz

Jason had a growing need for additional storage buildings for his tenants, so he turned to Classic Buildings for the solution. From the outset, Jason was impressed by the company's exceptional sales, manufacturing, and delivery processes.

Jason worked closely with Brent, who provided exactly what he needed with a no-pressure sales approach. Brent's expertise and attentive service made the entire experience seamless and stress-free.

The quality of the buildings was second to none, exceeding Jason's expectations. The delivery process was timely and efficient, just as promised. To his surprise, the set-up of the building took no more than 30 minutes, allowing him to quickly provide his tenants with the additional storage they required.

With such an outstanding business process, Jason knew he had found a reliable partner in Classic Buildings. He was so pleased with the results that he planned to order more buildings in the future. Jason highly recommended Classic Buildings to anyone in need of high-quality structures and top-notch service.

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