So, what does it mean for a portable building to be “Amish Crafted”?

For starters, the Amish are known for building the best barns around.  Many of them have taken that barn-making skill, and applied it to building portable buildings.

Here at Classic Buildings, we represent the best of that original Amish Craftsmanship.  We always build our buildings just like you would expect a house to be built.

Just take an item that every shed has, a stud wall, and compare the Classic craftsmanship to nearly any competitor.

Take a look at the pictures below:

Classic Walls Competition walls

The picture on the left shows a Classic Buildings wall built 16 inches on center with our optional SilverTec lining.  Notice that there are no bark edges on the lumber.  That’s because we use 4-Square Premium lumber to build our walls.  There is no wain (twisting) in our studs, and if you decide to insulate and drywall your shed, any R-13 insulation will fit.

The picture on the right shows a competitors wall that is built 24″ on center and only has a single top plate above the studs.  If you want to finish the building in the picture on the right, you either have to add studs or buy a much more expensive insulation that spans out 24 inches.

Ask yourself, which wall is NOT going to warp; is NOT going to wain; IS cheaper and easier to finish; and IS twice as strong as the other.  The obvious answer is the Classic wall.

That is just one of many differences between a Classic Building and nearly any competitor.

Call up your local Classic Buildings Portable Building Specialist, or call 800-944-3118 to find out some of the other things that set a Classic Building apart from our competition.

Have a great day!