Did you know that Classic Buildings almost NEVER builds a building that looks exactly like the ones on display at our sales locations or on our brochure?  That’s right!  Nearly 85% of the buildings that we deliver to a customer’s home has had some sort of modification done to it that differs from what the basic building has standard on it.

Sometimes it’s something simple, like moving a door to the left or right to accommodate a window on the end, adding extra windows or door, or putting in a waterproof AdvanTech floor.  But sometimes we add things that are purely customer requested and are not even on our price list.  Look at the picture below:

BRK with porch 2

The building that the above building was customized from originally looked like this:

12x16 BKR #4633 4-5-12

Strictly speaking, both buildings are examples of our Breckenridge.  The standard Breckenridge has an 8:12 pitch on the roof, double doors on the gable end, and gable windows are often installed.

But as you can see, the top picture has been completely customized with a porch, a house door, extra windows, and even a flower box under the windows.  The reason we did this is purely because the customer requested it, and we at Classic Buildings will literally stand on our heads to do what we can to deliver exactly the building that any customer wants.

This is just one example.  Call any of our locations and tell the Portable Building Specialist what building you would like to see sitting in your back yard.  Odds are good that we can deliver exactly what you want.

Oh, and these great-looking custom buildings are also pretty good at giving you a place to store all your stuff too!