good landscaping design

“Good landscaping design requires unity!”

The key to good landscaping design

Think unity! That is the key to good landscaping design. If your elements are unified and applied to the entire yard, your property will look and feel similar which is the goal of good landscaping. Your entire home will have a balanced look of symmetry. The beauty of your home or building’s depends on symmetry in landscaping.

Think about it. You have one tall tree on the side of a building and a rose bush on the other. Why not put just one rose bush on each side of the building and the tree either in the front or back? You need to think unity in landscaping design.

…make use of plants

…make use of stepping stones

…make use of statues

…make use of a waterfall

Theme first

Determine the theme first and jot down ideas from there. Your theme will showcase your design likes and loves. Do you love color? If so, incorporate it into your theme. Do you love country antiques, again, if so incorporate it into your theme. Your landscaping, much like the interior of your home should reflect your personality. Do you love butterflies or kittens? Whatever you love, incorporate it into your landscaping theme.

Back to unity

You can create a wonderful sense of unity to your landscaping design in a few different ways. The most common way of bringing harmony to your landscaping design is with similar types of plants and trees. This is easy to do and it will look fantastic. There is another way to get unity to be a basic part of your landscaping design and this is with heights. By having even different plants and trees of the same or similar height you will be bringing the whole design of your yard together like you never knew you could. It will look wonderful and it will be so easy!

Your landscaping design should make use of much more than just plants and trees. Flowers look great but they generally only bloom for part of the year so you need to find some other landscaping design elements that will look perfect all year round.


To sum things up, your landscaping needs to be balanced. If its balanced it doesn’t matter what theme you use, it will look great. Check out books on landscaping design, and read the section on unity. I’m sure it will have a section on unifying your landscaping design. If it doesn’t, trade it in and get a landscaping guide that explains unified landscaping in whole, not part. No matter what you decide to do, as long as there is unity your landscaping design will look perfect.