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September 14, 2022

Top 3 Questions to Ask Yourself before Getting a New Garage

On-site garages can address a variety of space problems. Your home might not have a garage or be too crowded with toys, garden tools, and storage items to fit your cars. 

Perhaps you have too many antique cars, boats, motorcycles, and ATVs to fit them all in your two-car garage. Whatever the case, you require a larger garage.

Your home’s functionality and value can both be increased by adding a garage. But there are crucial questions you need to ask yourself before you start looking for a new garage. Here is a buying guide for garages to get you started.

Which Advantages Can Detached Garages Offer?

Perhaps you’ve never given the idea of a prefab garage, built off-site and then delivered and assembled at your house, a thought. Some advantages of adding a prefabricated, detached garage over building an attached garage are listed below.

  • Less disruptive installation — As the prefabricated components of your garage are delivered and put together, there is less disruption to your property.
  • More options for location — You can decide where it is best to put your garage on your property. Additionally, unlike with an attached garage, you are not constrained by the style and shape of your house.
  • Greater security — Home invasions frequently begin in attached garages. Your home is safe even if a burglar gets into a detached garage.
  • Less noise — If your garage doubles as a workshop, having a separate building keeps the extra noise generated by power tools and other materials from disturbing the different areas of your house.

What Requirements Does a One- or Two-Car Garage Meet?

When adding a garage, it’s important to think about whether you want a one-car garage or a two-car garage as well as how much space each of these structures will take up on your property.

You should choose a size of at least 14′ x 24′ for a single-car garage. If you want to include storage or workspace, increase the height of your structure by at least 6 to 8 feet. 

Our single-car garages are mostly equipped with hardwood floors. However, if you intend to store heavy vehicles there or frequently bring and remove equipment and vehicles, a concrete floor can be used.

It is suggested that you pick a building that is at least 24′ x 24′ when building a two-car garage to increase the space available for storage or workspace—constructing two-car garages with concrete slabs on-site. Thousands of pounds can be supported by this sturdy floor support.

Follow these guidelines to ensure proper spacing if you need to build a new driveway or extend an existing one to connect with your garage:

  • If you want a single-car garage, make your driveway 10 to 14 feet wide.
  • The driveway for a two-car garage needs to be between 20 and 24 feet wide.

Which Material Is Best for a Garage?

The most typical materials used to build garage additions for homes are wood or vinyl. Among the materials most frequently used for outdoor construction are these two. Both are strong, long-lasting materials of the highest caliber.

Due to its natural aesthetic and ability to blend in flawlessly with your property, wood is a material that is in high demand and that many homeowners prefer. However, using various paint and stain options makes your wooden sheds stand out.

Wood structures will need regular maintenance because wood is more likely to split, warp, or degrade when exposed to the elements. You must maintain your appearance regularly to avoid appearing lifeless or worn out.

Vinyl materials are extremely robust and require little upkeep. Vinyl has a low propensity to twist, warp, or splinter over time and is also resistant to moisture, insects, and bad weather. 

Additionally, it lasts well. If you use vinyl, you won’t need to paint, stain, or seal your wood every year. A vinyl building needs only one cleaning per year and very little other maintenance.


It’s crucial to do some research before building a garage for your home. These deal with the size and cost of the garage, the required permits, and the completion date for the project. 

By considering these factors and learning about Amish craftsmanship, you can be certain that you are making the best decision for your house and your budget.

Classic Buildings LLC aims to create a culture of support where each employee can advance personally and professionally. We work extremely hard to develop the industry’s best portable structures, garages, and cabins. Contact us to know more about portable garages!

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