When DeAnna wrote back with the winner’s story, I couldn’t wait to post it.  Erika Brandl, here is what you wrote,

“Hi Deanna,

I apologize that I did not get the pictures sent timely.  I hope it’s not too late and/or that one of them will work for you.  The playhouse was delivered on Thursday and we have quite a list of visitors wanting to stop by to play.

I hope you don’t mind if I share a little of my story.  My husband and I had tried to get pregnant for five years.  At one point I had completed and submitted the paperwork for foster/adoption but then put it on hold due to family events.  We eventually went through fertility treatment for a year and then after taking a break we got pregnant.  Throughout those five years and even the last two years I continue to have “reminders” put in front of me of foster children.  While at this point I don’t feel we have the ability to foster a child, I would love to volunteer in any capacity that I can be useful.  Please let me know if you have any volunteer needs.

Thank you,


Thank you for sharing your story Erika.

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