Save Space and Money With Home Storage Hacks

Do-it-yourself (DIY) projects are becoming increasingly popular as a cost-effective and fun way to spruce up your home. As time passes, it’s easy for your home to collect clutter. Your junk drawer turns into a whole junk cabinet. Your disorganized shelf turns into a disorganized closet. Do you want to discover some simple and useful solutions to improve your home storage issues? The following 7 Best Home Storage Hacks will help you organize your home – and your life. For more ways to save space in your home, contact Classic Buildings now

Top 7 Best Home Storage Hacks 

From the trendy to the ingenious, these top 7 best home storage hacks will have you saying, “Why didn’t I think of that?!” These items made our list due to their functionality and their good looks! 

Number 1 – Pallet Storage Shelves 

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Image Source: Our Little Acre

If you’ve spent any time on Pinterest in the last few years, you’ll notice that pallet everything is the trendiest home storage hack right now. Pallets can easily be converted into attractive and highly effective shelving units.

Cheap, light, and easy to customize, pallet storage shelves are a great option for both indoor and outdoor use. With just a few simple tools like various hooks, screws, a sander, and paint, you can have your pallet shelves up in just a few hours. 

If one pallet isn’t enough, don’t worry, you can add more! Some people have even made entire bookshelves, cabinets, and desks out of wood pallets. There are tons of DIY guides out there and pictures to get ideas from. If you’re looking for a cost-effective home storage hack, pallet shelves are the way to go. 


Number 2 – Shoe Racks 

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Image Source: Sew Many Ways

Who would have guessed that shoe racks can be used for so much more than just shoes? Closet spaces can be one of the most difficult aspects of home organization. Hidden for most of the day, it’s easy to forget about your closet. However, a well-organized closet can save you time searching for forgotten cleaning tools or your fanciest black tie. That’s where shoe racks come in. Plastic shoe racks designed for hanging on the back of a door can be used to organize jewelry, ties, or even cleaning supplies. 

Hang a long drop-down shoe rack from the ceiling of your closet, and you’ve just made an easily accessible floating shelf! Use it for towels, paper towels, or whatever else you need to grab. Since the shoe rack is hanging in the middle of the closet instead of bolted to the walls, you still save tons of wall space for hooks and additional shelves. 

Source: Sewmanyways.blogspot.com

Number 3 – Kitchen Cabinet Racks

wooden storage shelves - storage hacks

Image Source: Chaos To Order

Most kitchen cabinets have the same basic design – a big opening and a shelf or two. But what about all of your little things, like plastic food containers and water bottles? Do you just stack them on top of each other, waiting for their inevitable fall?

One way to save space and keep your smaller kitchen items at bay is by installing your own set of shelves in your cabinet. Upgrading your entire kitchen can be expensive. However, adding in additional shelves yourself will save you lots of time and provide the exact amount of additional space that you need. 

Source: Chaostoorder.com

Number 4 – Mason Jars 

mason jar storage ideas

Image Source: Time To Organize

Like pallet boards, mason jars have also gained popularity in recent years due to their versatility, low price, and rustic look. Mason jars can be used in any room of the house for many different storage needs. They are easy to decorate and customize to your liking, but also look great just the way they are.

Use a few mason jars in the bathroom to hold your make-up or toothbrushes. Store small items such as hairbands or q-tips in a jar so they don’t get lost or end up on the floor. You can even add some fake tea-light candles to a few short jars and enjoy a relaxing bubble bath. In the kitchen, use mason jars to hold coffee beans, flour, or sugar. You’ll always know when you’re running low because they’re see-through! In your home office, use a jar or two to keep pens and pencils off your desk, or to store rubber bands and paper clips. 

Source: Timetoorganize.com 

Number 5 – Magazine Holders 

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Image Source: Dagmar’s Home

Shoe racks aren’t the only item with surprising uses. Magazine holders can be purchased for less than $5.00, yet can be used for so many different things! Wooden holders can be used to make efficient and attractive shelves that can go anywhere in the house! They can be painted any color, and if you have any eye for design, can even act as a statement piece for your room.  

Metal magazine holders can be installed on the side of a cabinet or door and used to hold kitchen supplies such as plastic container lids. Never lose a lid again! Metal or wood magazine holders can be used in your kitchen cabinets, to store loose snacks such as granola bars. And of course, these holders are still a great option for organizing paper, documents, and notebooks in your home office. Buy them in bulk and use them all around your house! 

Sources: bhg.com

Number 6 – Pegboards

pegboards home storage hacks

Image Source: Lookie What I did!

Pegboard can be used for many types of wall organizers, from tools to trinkets…to a whole closet? Well, almost! This DIY pegboard closet holds hats, ties, scarves, and various other closet items. If you happen to have a large walk-in closet with empty wall space like the maker of this featured board, go ahead and add all that pegboard right inside your closet. If you’re running low on closet space or your closet is entirely made up of shelves, add this board to your bedroom wall for easy access and to display your favorite accessories. 

Pegboards can also be effectively used in the kitchen. Add a small pegboard to a wall close to your counters, and you have yourself a handy and accessible storage solution for your spoons, pots, and pans!

Sources: Lookiewhatidid.blogspot.ca    

Number 7 – Plastic Storage Drawers

plastic storage drawers

Image Source: One Mile Home Style

Are plastic drawers really a storage hack if they’re already made for storage? The answer is yes – because they also have some surprising uses! If you have kids and are tired of tiny toys laying around, these little drawers are the perfect storage solution.

One mom took it even further and used these bins to perfectly organize Lego bricks by color! Not only is this an effective way to store Lego, but it also looks great. 

These storage bins can be used in any room of the house for any purpose. Keep a smaller one on the shelf in your bathroom to store all loose bathroom items such as make-up, brushes, and cotton balls. Keep a medium one on your kitchen counter, label it, and keep your bills, receipts, and mail organized. There are so many uses for these handy little boxes aside from the traditional office space.

Source: Onemilehomestyle.com 

Here’s a handy infographic to help keep these hacks in mind:

Try Out These Home Storage Hacks Yourself!

Whether your house is big or small or new or old, almost everyone can benefit from a little more organization in their life. If you’re running low on space or just want to reorganize your home, these home storage hacks provide simple, cost-effective, fun ways to get your home where you want it to be! 

If these home storage hacks aren’t enough and you’re looking for a new shed or storage building, contact Classic Buildings today and we’ll help you find the perfect storage solution!  

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