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Classic Buildings Mothers Day

Learn more about our Classic Buildings team when you read their own sentiment to their mother’s.









Mother’s Day – May 10th

The Classic Buildings team is proud to talk about their Mother’s. Learn more about our team by reading what they have to say to their own mother’s this Mother’s Day!


Rich Cash and family!

Rich Cash and family!

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Rich  – Arnold, Missouri (St. Louis Region) Portable Buildings Specialist


 “My mom is one of the strongest people that I have ever known. She is 72 years old and still works 5 days a week cleaning at a nursing home. She has always cooked with cast iron skillets and in spite of me being a pain, she has never hit me with one.  I am very thankful that I have inherited her physical and inner strength. It has gotten me through some pretty tough times over the years. Thank you Mom, I love you!”  Photo of my Mom and Dad

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  1. Mother’s Day is another opportunity to Honor my Mother. My Mom raised 10 Children. She always had time for you and the Love for you that no one could ever come close to matching. My Mom passed 15 years ago and the Memories I carry of Her are Everlasting. The older I get the more I become aware of all the things she gave up to give us so much. Love and Cherish your Mother. You will never meet anyone, no matter how long you live, that will come close to your own Mother.

    • Well said Rich! When we become aware of what our mothers ‘give up’ is an ah-ha moment. Thank you for sharing!

  2. jimmy meloy says:

    I was raised by a single mom . She took care of me and my younger brother the old fashioned way .She almost never stopped working . She didnt believe in a microwave so all of our dinners was stove top and done properly ! We came from the country so you can imagine the wonderful spin on her cooking !!
    Over the years its been difficult to find anyone with her strengths, morals ,and the ability to keep me in line !!She passed at an early age of 55 but i truly honer her every years on a few dates . Mothers day being one of them .
    But i dont just honor her . My wife isnt so far from being just like her ,so naturally sometimes we butt heads !!
    Shes a wonderful mom ,wife ,friend !!

    • “Almost never stopped working”, that reminds me of my own mother. Thank you so much for sharing. Your Mom and your wife sound amazing.

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