amish buildings

You don’t have to be Amish to understand the value of a building crafted by the Amish Craftsmanship guidelines, “Built Better to Last Longer!”

Amish buildings are truly built better to last longer

Have you read our new page, “Amish Craftsmanship“?

The new page is filled with Amish accolades, written by a Missouri guest blogger. She, Sheryl Hackworth, seems to understand the Amish quite well.  For not being Amish herself she appears to fit right in.  Its a wonderful piece written describing Amish buildings and Amish culture in general.  She starts by describing the true Amish, who live the ultimate simple life.  While weaving her own heart and soul into the article, Sheryl gives us a clear picture of why Amish buildings are the best buildings made.

Sheryl appreciates the simple life. More than once I have heard her say how much she loves her small town life in Missouri. Sheryl is happy and has true respect for all people. Her accolades, as she so whiteley called it, are endearing. She understands that with quality comes true love of the business.  A great company who cares nothing, or little about quality, won’t be great for long.  She also understands that you don’t have to be Amish to have a love for their buildings.  After all, Vanilla Ice went straight to the source to find out how the Amish buildings were built.  His interview on “The Talk” was great.  He admits, because he owns his own construction company, that he wanted in on their secret.

Read more about what Amish buildings means to this very special guest blogger.

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