A special gift made with love.

A special gift made with love!


A comfortable gift

When we think about a comfortable gift or ‘a gift that brings comfort’, what comes to mind?  No, its not a building or storage unit (though they do bring comfort), we’re talking about comfort ‘food’.  Food has traditionally been a gift for many centuries.  Food is no less welcomed now than in the past.  People will always appreciate hand-made treats churned with love.

What I miss the most about my Grandmother is her lemon pie.  Is there someone in your family or circle of friends you think of when you are hungry?  Made with fresh lemons, Grandma squeezed an ample amount of care into every tasty bite.  Thank God she passed along a heaping full of cooking education to her own young ones, male children included. While we continue to pass a long the gift of cook training in our own family,  we are assured our future generations will forever be giving the gift that keeps us living….food a much-needed nourishment and the best gift ever.

Beating the crowds

I hear it everyday, it is common for shoppers to be frustrated with crowds and traffic during holiday time.  Many people opt out of the holiday all together for various reasons. The hassle of shopping, even shopping online, becomes more and more a chore and a main holiday complaint.  Is there a way we can overcome the drama of trying to beat the high-strung traffic so that more people would enjoy the holidays?

Cooking your gifts at home is a perfect way to beat the massive holiday crowds. What better use of time than baking a cake for your aged great-Aunt?  Aunt Hanna adores the rocky-road cake you have made for her before.  Why not re-treat her with the same gift from the heart? Cooking can and should be used as quality family time, another great gift, the gift of giving time to loved ones.

Each family has their own special recipes, often handed down from many generations.  Do you mind sharing one of your own family favorites?  We would love to see what type of sweet or savory treats your family is enjoying this season?

A food quote to remember

“If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.”
J.R.R. Tolkien