This enormous building up in a few days!  Thank you Merv, for telling your story.

This enormous building up in a few days! Thank you Merv, for telling your story.

It’s true. I walked away from this interview with one phrase stuck in my head forever, and the phrase is – “Mind blowing”.  That was how Merv Feict described our team, he claimed we blew his mind.  What a nice man.  Distinguished and very polite, Merv proceeded to tell me the entire story about the day our team came out, yet again, to deliver on another building.

It was an honor and a pleasure to speak with Merv Feict, a repeat Classic Building’s customer who claims he is not done building yet. His 30 x 98 Warehouse- started on concrete Monday and had a beautiful metal interior room in by Tuesday. Still working on interior walls at the time of my interview he cheerfully eludes to the team of Classic Building’s as, “Always great, walls up roof done, clean site left behind! Everything was beyond wonderful, a very professional crew, each and every one.”

Merv, owner of Indiana9Fossils.com, a cool (a super-cool)  company residing in Desoto, Missouri, talked about how hard-working and polite the team was. It’s always a treat to hear a customer’s kind and genuine remarks about our team.  Take a look at his own site where he proudly displays the progress of our Classic Building’s team and his stellar new warehouse area.

Working in the rain putting metal on a roof can be dangerous, but Merv understood that the team risked their own safety to help him. He knew the crew was determined to get done in record time so that he could reopen his business. Yes, Merv states he was out of business until the building was up, so the team at Classic Building’s truly did go above and beyond what he felt others would have.

In Merv’s own word’s the experience was “Mind blowing.” and we couldn’t be happier.  Best of luck in everything you do Merv. I’m sure we’ll be talking again!



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