the best customer service

We hear you loud and clear.

This years focus was on ‘customer experience’.  From the second an interested customer calls or inquires regarding a portable building, our ‘Classic Focus’ was centered around giving them genuine care.  Why? Because we truly appreciate people, we are people-people 🙂

Please enjoy our “Classic 2014 Year in Review”!  It may be a bit of a read, but its worth it to know about the company you’re working with, or considering working with!  Here goes!

We love hearing from how we changed a customers quality of life.  Being able to stay organized is a big deal to most people.  Having the opportunity to purchase an affordable cabin or dwelling, with easy financing available,  is also a huge life-changer.  For some, this is the only way they will ever have that home or lakeside cabin.

While we watch the 2014 top stories and events we see quickly the world is unpredictable, but not at Classic Buildings.  If anything, everything is well-thought out, well planned. Why? Simple!  We don’t like surprises and most of our customers don’t either.   While the world around us, often seems in chaos, we pluck the joy out of every moment by planning, organizing, staffing and controlling like real manager’s are taught. Our customers are benefiting by our organized way of thinking.

There is one similarity to a top 2014 story. While Hollywood puts the media under the microscope so shall we put all our buildings, our staff, and our procedures to the test.  Under a microscope indeed!  Our focus is on quality buildings, “built better to last longer” and delivering with the highest expectations in customer service available!

Let’s take a look back now at our CEO, Kenneth Miller’s team Facebook posts as our year in review.

January 2014 Off starts the New Year, with our focus on “Built better to last longer”.  Bill Cook (St. Louis Regional Manager) posted to his Facebook wall: “The big 50. Any old jokes and I’ll boop ya in the nose. Thanks for all the birthday wishes!!!!”

February 2014  This was the month of the “St. Louis Builders Home and Garden Show” at the America Center in St. Louis. Talk about an exciting event, one we never miss!

March 2014 – Nick Fitzsimmons (Regional Sales Manager) posted a beautiful portrait of his family.  “We are all about family at Classic Buildings!”

"Now this is a beautiful family"

“Now this is a beautiful family”

April 2014 – I guess nothing happened in April? Just kidding, there’s plenty of things happening around here. In April we’re gearing up for Spring deliveries.

May 2014  We love holding open house events. The first event was held on Saturday, May 31 where we served food and gave tours of our facility.

June 2014 – Kenneth Miller (CEO, Classic Buildings) posted to CB’s Facebook page:  “Have you heard about our Purchase Guarantee?
https://www.classicbuildingsales.com/customer-service/purchase-with-confidence/”  This means a lot to him.  His commitment to great customer service is apparent.

July 2014 – Carolyn Miller (Classic Buildings Sales Manager) posted on her Facebook wall:  “When God calls you to walk through something difficult you can either do it or walk around it, but he will be sure to bring you right back to it again until you walk through it.” and isn’t that the truth?!

August 2014 Dale Miller (Operations Manager) knows he’s a winner!

Dale holding is hard-earned trophy!

August 2014: Dale holding is hard-earned trophy!

September 2014  “The Classic Buildings crew at the St Charles prayer breakfast.”  Our Classic Building team is family!

"We often share time together by attending special events!"

Sept 2014: “We often share time together by attending special events!”

October 2014 – Attended a Yellow-Tie Handshake event in St Charles, MO

November – A special month for the Miller family and the rest of us here at Classic Buildings. Kayla, daughter of Kenneth and Abigail Miller got her very first deer.  Also in the month of ‘Thanksgiving’ there was a hearty blessing on the Miller table with the birth of their firstborn son, Kyler. Abigail, Kenneth’s wife posted on her Facebook wall, November 30th, 2014

“Kyler Jeremy finally arrived at 4:56 weighing 8# 21 1/2 in long….a very tired but happy mommy n daddy:)”


"CEO of Classic Buildings, Kenneth Miller with his newborn son on November 30th 2014"  Now this is a blessing indeed!

“CEO of Classic Buildings, Kenneth Miller with his newborn son on November 30th 2014” Now this is a blessing indeed!

Welcome into our world Kyler Jeremy Miller!  You're such a little cutie!

Welcome into our world Kyler Jeremy Miller! You’re such a little cutie!


December 2014

At Classic Buildings we never stop. There’s more changes ahead, more social interaction, client communications and quality inspections of the buildings that roll out of our factory.   Our mobile app is in development, actually the planning stage but you can rest assured when its released it will be as neat as peanut butter.   New models, new designs?  You’ll have to wait and see.