Frequently Asked Questions



Frequently Asked Questions


Here are answers to the questions that we get asked most frequently.

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“We shopped around for a storage building.
We found some cheaper, but none any better.”
– Steve McCrary
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How long will I be waiting for delivery of my shed?

Delivery time will vary depending on whether you purchase a portable shed or if you get one built on-site. If you  need your building right away, we have inventory of portable buildings on our local sales lots that can be delivered within a week in most cases. If you want a customized building, then it will take a bit longer.

Do I need a concrete slab to put under my shed?

No, you don’t need a concrete slab, however it is always best to consult your local Classic building specialist to discuss the best way to place your building. During your free site evaluation, your building specialist can determine what is best.

Do you offer financing options for the purchase of sheds?

Yes. Financing is available for purchasing sheds. Contact your local building specialist to find out about our promotional 0% or low interest options.

What type of warranty comes with the building?

The warranty depends on which series of building you choose. We offer up to a 15 year blanket warranty on the building as a whole, and longer warranties on some of the materials used, such as a 50 year warranty on Smart siding, 30 (shingle) or 40 (metal) year warranty on the roof, and a 25 year warranty on the paint!

Do I require a permit for my shed?

It will depend on your city our county whether you require a shed permit; each has their own rules and regulations. Contact your local Classic building specialist for assistance; we’d be happy to help you with this.

What type of roofing do you use?

You can choose from either our 40 year guaranteed metal roofing or our 30 year shingle roofing. Both types are the same price.

What is the life expectancy of my building?

Our buildings are built better to last longer; their life expectancy is 50 years.

What size buildings do you offer?

Even though we advertise certain standard sizes for your convenience, we can also build to your specifications. In short, any sized building is possible.

Is delivery included in the price of the building?

Delivery is usually included in the price of the building. However, if you are purchasing  a discounted building on our website that’s in another region, then there is a $465 transportation fee.

How long does custom construction take?

Custom construction can take anywhere from 12 to 15 weeks. A non-customized portable building can be ready in as little as 4 to 6 weeks. If you need your custom constructed building sooner, contact your local Classic building specialist to discuss expedited delivery.

Do I need good credit to purchase a shed?

No, you don’t need good credit to purchase a shed. We have a great rent-to-own option with no credit checks. Monthly payments start as low as $85 per month! Contact your local Classic building specialist to find out how quick and easy it is to rent to own your own portable building.

How much maintenance do the buildings require?

Our buildings are made so well with such high quality materials that they require very little, if any, maintenance!

What type of siding do you use?

Most of our building series use LP Smart Side. This excellent siding comes with a 50 year warranty, making your new shed virtually maintenance-free.

Can buildings be transported or re-located in the future?

Yes. Our quality made portable buildings can be transported or re-located in the future.

Do I have to paint my building?

No. We use a 25 year, 100% acrylic paint on our buildings. You can choose from 18 standard colors. We can also mix a custom color for you to match the color of your home if you like.

What makes your buildings different from the rest of the buildings I have seen on the internet?

Classic Buildings offers more than just another shed. With our industry-leading blanket
warranty we make sure we use only the highest quality materials and construction practices. Because of this we are certain that your building will last a lifetime with virtually maintenance-free performance.

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