An elementary school in New Jersey did something creative with an outdoor storage space to win an award. Students from the William J. McGinn Elementary School converted it into an open space garden for planting vegetables. Jeanette Rundquist from the Star-Ledger adds:

Students at the K-4 school turned an unused outdoor storage space into a vegetable garden and outdoor classroom. They planted kale, spinach, zucchini, pumpkins and more. Students drew picture maps of the vegetables in the garden, and developed global cookbooks based on how people in different cultures use vegetables.

Industry NewsKids also wrote to pen pals in other schools about their planting efforts, and wrote persuasive letters touting the benefits of eating vegetables.
Still to come, said Principal Sasha Slocum: the students get to harvest crops. They also plan to partner with another Union County school to build a garden.

“The students are thrilled about the win,” Slocum said. “The garden is still growing.”

For many households that are interested in planting or agriculture, sheds usually function as storage units for gardening and farming tools. This is very practical because it makes tending to plants much easier and it protects implements from the damaging effects of the weather. It is also not uncommon for a portable shed in MO to serve as a building for storing grain, a barn for housing livestock, or office space for administrative duties.

Even if you live in the suburbs, converting your home’s lawn and backyard into a fruit and vegetable producing garden or mini-farm is a very viable option. You can save a lot of money on food and the best part is, since the produce is right outside, your fruits and vegetables will be far fresher than anything you can buy in the market. Moreover, your children can become involved and they can learn the value of taking care of nature, just like how the elementary schools students learned to love their garden.

The many names for outdoor storage buildings reveal their wide variety of uses. Beyond planting, quality portable sheds in MO can also be used as playhouses for children or outdoor kitchens for barbecues or lawn parties. Due to their versatility, they can virtually be used anywhere for any purpose.

(From Scotch Plains school honored for “Garden of the Year”, The Star-Ledger in New Jersey.com, September 24, 2013)