Amish crafted cabins By Classic Buildings

Did you know that Classic Buildings has an Amish heritage? That’s why building with the highest quality workmanship and using only the highest quality materials are so important to us! If you are looking for Amish crafted cabins, Classic Buildings offers a wide variety of customization options and features so you can have your dream cabin. Cabins by Classic Buildings can be used for so many different purposes, including as multi-purpose buildings. Read on to learn more about the benefits and uses of Amish crafted cabins. Looking for more information on portable buildings? Contact Classic Buildings today!

Amish Crafted Cabins by Classic Buildings

What is Amish Craftmanship? When we talk about Amish Craftsmanship, we are talking about the highest possible quality construction. We see construction as a labor of love, we aim to make every building unique, and we also use the highest quality materials and workmanship.

Our Amish Crafted cabins are a great way to add additional space to your home, no matter what you plan on using the building for! Do you feel torn between building your own cabin vs purchasing a prebuilt cabin? There are pros and cons to each.

If you love doing-it-yourself, building a cabin can be a fun and exciting project. If you have a lot of extra time on your hands, it can be a great way to spend your day. However, doing-it-yourself requires a lot of know-how and can be frustrating for the inexperienced DIYer.

A do-it-yourself cabin project may end up costing less up front, but if you do not use the proper materials or ensure quality workmanship, you may end up with a building that requires constant care – and money. Amish crafted cabins by Classic Buildings are always built with the highest quality workmanship and materials. We build our cabins to last! Read below to see more benefits of prebuilt cabins.

Prebuilt Cabins – The Benefits

  • Highly customizable: Want to wire your building for electricity? Need to add insulation or drywall? What about the little things, like flower boxes, decorative trim, or an extra window? You can add these options and so much more without doing any extra work yourself!
  • Many sizes available: We understand that every customer has unique wants and needs. Building a large cabin yourself can be a big challenge. Some end up settling for a smaller building because they do not have the proper know-how. At Classic Buildings, we build all sizes. We like to tell our customers “Don’t ask us what we have… tell us what you need!”
  • Strong, durable, and high quality: Reputable portable building manufacturers ensure all buildings are durable and high-quality.
  • Aesthetically pleasing: A cabin or any portable building can change the way your property looks. A beautiful, well-built cabin can actually add to your property and even increase property value. Because cabins by Classic Buildings are highly customizable, you can match it to your existing home and it will blend right in!

Prebuilt Cabins – Different Uses

prebuilt cabin

A Prebuilt cabin can be used for so much more than you may think! As soon as your cabin is delivered and installed, you can begin the planning process! Do you want to use it for storage? A guest home? An artist studio? All three? Cabins provide lots of space. The possibilities are nearly endless!

A Guest Home/Tiny House

Depending on the size of your cabin, you can choose to convert the entire building into a guest house or set aside part of the building to use as a guest room. For example, a two-story cabin is the perfect choice if you need lots of extra storage space as well as a guest home. It can also be used exclusively as a vacation home or even your very own tiny home! Watch the video below to see as a small garden shed is converted into a tiny home. Imagine all you can do with an entire cabin!



Storage Building

Have you run out of storage space in your home, attic, or garage? Are you considering public storage? A cabin can be a great alternative to public storage and the ultimate at-home storage solution. A prebuilt cabin provides much needed extra space to store your important items. Unlike a public storage building, you have constant access to your possessions and can use your portable for other purposes if/when you no longer need extra storage space.  Click here to read more about public storage vs storage sheds.

Did you know Classic Buildings offers a Rent-To-Own program?


Do you need an at-home office? Maybe you work exclusively from home, or just need a quiet place to retreat and finish up extra work? A prebuilt cabin may be a great solution to your home office needs. Because cabins are larger buildings, they can be used as a storage space and an office space! You can also choose to convert it into an artist studio, a workshop, or a place to store materials and complete crafty projects.

Cabin Styles

At Classic Buildings, we offer many different cabin styles to suit your unique and specific needs! See the list below to see our different cabin styles.

garden cabin

The Cabin

The Cabin is very economical and simple yet spacious. It is the perfect cabin for the outdoor enthusiast, or for those who need additional backyard storage space!

Click Here To Learn More About The Cabin!


country cottage

Country Cottage

The Country Cottage comes with a porch and is the perfect choice for a weekend or guest cabin. There’s a great storage area over the porch and a cathedral ceiling. Place it in woods and it becomes a perfect hunter’s cabin or set it by the pool to use as a pool house.

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2 story cabin

Two Story Cabin

A 2 story cabin is a large, versatile portable building with many customization options available to you. Because of its size, 2 story cabins can be used for multiple purposes, such as a guest house and a storage space, or a storage space and an office.



country barn

Country Barn

The Country Barn is a great choice to put on a concrete slab. This barn is a full two-story building and can provide shelter for your animals. Add a lean-to to allow for storage for your tractor or vehicle.

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tiny house

Tiny House

This magnificent cabin help increase your storage space! Or, you can use it as a realistic, cost-effective Tiny House built to fulfill your dream of a simpler life! There are so many different possibilities when you choose a tiny home!

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Interested In a Prebuilt Cabin?

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If you’re ready to purchase your very own prebuilt, Amish crafted cabin, contact Classic Buildings or visit the location nearest to you!

Remember, before buying a portable building you should be aware of the permit requirements of your municipality. Sometimes, permit requirements depend on the size of your building. Make sure you know the requirements of your area to avoid fines.

Classic Buildings has locations throughout the Midwest, including various Missouri cities (St. Louis, Arnold, Columbia, St. Charles, Rolla, Linn, Springfield, Jefferson City, Kansas City, and Washington Missouri). We are located in Swansea, Illinois and Kansas and deliver throughout the Midwest, and, in some cases, nationwide!

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“I am extremely satisfied with the overall quality of the building. The wood was straight and of good quality. No corners were cut to save time or money. The windows and door appear to be good quality units. Overall, we find the quality of the building to excellent and would not hesitate to recommend Classic Buildings to our friends and family. Please let your team know that they have a very satisfied customer. We look forward to enjoying our new cabin for many years to come.”

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