Discover why shed ramps are a wise addition to your outdoor portable buildings. Get yours now!

1. Shed Ramps Make Storing Your Vehicles Much Easier

Shed ramps are perfect for storing any of your vehicles including riding lawn mowers, 4-wheelers, motorcycles, bicycles, wagons and boats on trailers. You can easily ride or push your wheeled vehicle right inside your shed to park it exactly where you want it without having to lift it up over the lip. Then when it’s time to use it again, you can simply ride it out.

custom shed

Easily move your wheeled vehicles in and out of your portable garage with a shed ramp!

2. Shed Ramps Add Convenience and Versatility to Your Shed

For Push Lawnmowers: Shed ramps are very convenient, especially for putting your push lawn mower away and getting it out again. Shed ramps are adjustable to ensure that the deck of your lawn mower doesn’t get caught on the edge of the floor when you are putting it away. Once you are finished with your ramps, you can drop the ramps down and close the double doors with ease.

For Wheel Barrows: If you like to garden, a shed ramp is great for taking your wheel barrow in and out of your shed.

For Storage: If you want a less permanent option, you can choose aluminum ramps. Unlike steel ramps, aluminum is a lightweight metal but it is also heavy duty. This means that it is strong enough to support even your heaviest vehicles yet it can easily be picked up and stored inside your building when you are not using it.

Aluminum ramps are lightweight so they are easily picked up and stored away when you don’t need them

3. Shed Ramps Make Your Portable Building More Accessible

For Wheelchairs & Walkers: If you are using your portable building as extra accommodation for overnight guests or as a granny flat, you may want to invest in a shed ramp. Shed ramps will make your shed more accessible if your guests are elderly or use a wheelchair or walker.

For Animals: If you use your shed as a place to house your pets or hobby farm animals, a shed ramp is a great idea. Animals can navigate a ramp much easier than having to step up into a raised doorway.

Make your guest house more accessible with a sturdy ramp – perfect for wheelchairs and walkers

Ramps make it easier for animals to get into your portable building

4. Shed Ramps Can Be Customized to Perfectly Match Your Shed

Wooden Ramps: If you choose to purchase a wooden ramp, it can be customized to perfectly match your shed. You can choose the exact color to have it painted, or if you prefer the look of natural wood, you can have it stained to complement your portable building. The size and the slope of the ramp can also be customized to match your needs exactly. Whether your backyard is flat, uneven or greatly sloped, your ramp can be designed to fit what you require.

Customize your wood ramp to complement your shed design

Aluminum Ramps: If you don’t like the look of a ramp and you would prefer to not have one permanently installed, but you still want the convenience of using one from time to time, then choose an aluminum ramp. Aluminum ramps are lightweight and can be easily placed when you need them and then picked up again and stored inside your shed.

Aluminum ramps can be stored away when not in use

Getting a Portable Building? Invest in a Shed Ramp

It’s a good idea to invest in a shed ramp when you purchase your portable building. You never know when you might need one, and once you have it, you will be very happy that you did make that purchase. And right now is a great time to buy!


For the month of June, Classic Buildings will give you an aluminum shed ramp for free with the purchase of your new shed or portable building.


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